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Osgoode Professional Development: Explore Canada’s largest, most diverse law school

In pursuing a legal career in Brazil, Daniela Carreira had to forge her own path. “There were no lawyers in my family, and nobody I knew was involved with the law, so I didn’t have many conversations about it,” she explains. Over the next decade, she substantially impacted the Brazilian legal arena, securing a senior role in Parana’s public prosecutor’s office. Hence, when it came time for her to move her career to Canada, she had an expansive network of legal professionals to turn to for guidance.

“I have Brazilian friends who studied at Osgoode Hall Law School and are now practising law in Canada, and they were a major part of my decision,” she says. “They gave me such a good view of Osgoode as the best school to become licensed to practice in Canada because of its strong infrastructure, amazing instructors, and fantastic career advisors.”

York University, Osgoode Hall Law School

Osgoode Professional Development is home to specialised graduate degrees, Canadian common law qualifications, and language/foundational training. Source: York University, Osgoode Hall Law School

York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School has been shaping dynamic lawyers since 1889. Today, it is Canada’s largest and most diverse law school. Its lifelong learning arm, Osgoode Professional Development (OsgoodePD), provides interdisciplinary, graduate-level legal training to professionals of all academic backgrounds.

The division fosters a melting pot of cultures and perspectives, creating a stimulating environment where students learn from and challenge each other — evidenced by its 4,500-strong alumni network representing 90 countries. Maria Estela Anaya Reyes, who pursued a Professional LLM in International Business Law, can attest to the benefits of joining a vibrant, connected community.

“My classmates provided a very multicultural environment in class and out of it and were happy to share their experiences and offer guidance,” she says. ”Since they were going through different stages of their careers themselves, the richness of their in-the-field experiences was outstanding.”

Indeed, OsgoodePD has room for everyone. Whether you’re an internationally trained lawyer seeking Canadian qualifications, a thriving professional ready to specialise, or simply looking to sharpen your legal skills, they have a program for you. In fact, there are over 100 courses across its full-time Professional LLMs, Graduate Diploma, and Summer School programs, ensuring every learner masters the topics that matter most to them. The Professional LLM in Taxation Law was graduate Juan Carlos Diaz Garcia’s perfect fit.

“Everything I have read and everyone I spoke to told me that Osgoode has the best tax programme in Canada,” he says. “Once I had heard more about the directors — Professor [Jinyan] Li and Professor [Scott] Wilkie — and had seen the university and its campus, it just confirmed that Osgoode was the right place for me. True enough, classes are very well developed, and the professors do a great job.”

York University, Osgoode Hall Law School

On campus, Osgoode students relish high-quality extracurriculars and events. Source: York University, Osgoode Hall Law School

At the heart of Osgoode’s success is its commitment to providing a superior legal education. Faculty members, recognised as leaders in their respective fields, bring real-world knowledge directly into classrooms. Each session sees students learning through engaging discussions and practical scenarios — approaches that complement curricula designed to bridge theory and practice. It’s this very combination that produces legal professionals immediately ready to add value once they graduate.

To ensure such outcomes, the School grants students access to various academic, career, and wellness support services. One-on-one advising, skills-based workshops, and subject matter experts guide students towards their goals while helping them identify new opportunities. “From the moment I got the letter of acceptance, people were there to help me, and they have been there every step of the way,” Garcia affirms.

The theme of support persists throughout OsgoodePD’s locations in Downtown Toronto and at York University’s Keele Campus — both offer enriching extracurricular activities, host exciting events and provide convenient access to professional networks and internship opportunities.

As Canada’s largest city, Toronto provides an ideal environment for students seeking a dynamic, enriching academic experience. Renowned for its cultural diversity, it exposes legal aspirants to a melting pot of cultures, fostering inclusivity and a global perspective. The city also boasts a rich cultural scene with landmarks, museums, theatres, and galleries, providing students with ample recreational and leisure options.

“Toronto is a beautiful place,” says Carreira. You can travel without leaving your neighbourhood because there are so many people from many different places. I never expected such a big, safe city.”

Getting here has never been easier, thanks to OsgoodePD’s generous entrance awards, including up to CDN$30,000 for international students pursuing full-time LLM programs. This financial support removes barriers and allows talented individuals to pursue their legal dreams.

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