career success
Source: Oregon State University, College of Science

Ready to transform your career aspirations into attainable goals?

If so, the College of Science at Oregon State University (OSU) is where you’ll unlock experiences that go beyond the classroom and accelerate your professional growth.

Studying alongside a student community that draws people from all 50 states in the US and more than 100 countries, you can kickstart a prosperous career in the science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) sectors with top-quality education and support from the College of Science.

And from their selection of transformative undergraduate courses and career-building initiatives, you can choose an OSU science degree that will lead your career into diverse directions.

Acquire the SP3 skillset at OSU

One way in which Oregon State University opens diverse career avenues for undergraduate learners is through their Science Professional Pursuits Program (SP3).

Over three terms, this three-credit professional development program provides College of Science undergraduates the tools and guidance necessary to identify, assess and compete for experiences beyond the classroom that will accelerate their professional and academic goals.

By blending online content, interactive in-house workshops, organized events, mock interviews and one-to-one coaching, SP3 instructors at Oregon State University will offer you valuable career support and encouragement.

career success

Source: Oregon State University, College of Science

This program will also alter the way you view your skillset, inspiring you to think like a professional, to communicate with confidence and to strive for your job goals – the ideal career marketing package for any undergraduate.

For current student Taylor, taking the SP3 program is akin to navigating a goldmine of knowledge.

“We are a step above everyone else our age at this campus because we know how to effectively employ our skills.

“Plus, it has completely changed the way I think about myself as a professional. Coming into SP3, I had zero confidence in myself when it came to jobs and internships—which is ridiculous given my high school background.

“But thanks to SP3, I have surpassed that hurdle and can only improve from now on!” says Taylor.

For fellow SP3 student Ryan, this study option at OSU has not only boosted his self-confidence, but also altered his career aspirations.

“This course has made me think about my career path and journey after college that I had never stopped to consider before. It forced me to step out of my bubble and to start applying for internships, attend career expos, and to just stop and think about where I wanted my life to lead,” he says.

career success

Source: Oregon State University, College of Science

And with the Science Success Center (SSC) at OSU, you’ll have a greater chance to envision your future in science through academic advising, access to academic and career development resources and programming, and increased development opportunities beyond lecture halls.

Aim for internships that make an impact

Focused on graduate success, the College of Science connects you to rewarding, impactful internships internships while undertaking your chosen degree.

For instance, during the time that Jessica Scotten was settling into a microbiology major at the College of Science, she was also accepted onto an internship with NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

“I love how interdisciplinary the space industry is,” says Jessica. “I would be sitting in a room and I’m a microbiologist, the person across from me is a botanist, the person next to them is a physicist, and we’re all talking and trying to figure out a problem. It becomes an all-hands-on-deck kind of thing. Everybody’s got a place on the wheel.”

Supported from the start by OSU microbiology professors who demonstrate an infectious passion for science and discovery, the campus and the College of Science quickly became her home-away-from-home.

“I’ve never met more supportive advisors and professors who just want to see you succeed. They are all amazing,” she says.

career success

Source: Oregon State University, College of Science

Following on this tradition of OSU student success, Gabriel Nowak’s story also includes impressive internship experiences.

While pursuing a double major in mathematics and physics and a chemistry minor, Gabriel was selected for a summer internship at the prestigious Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) in Berkeley, California.

Upon completion, Gabriel told OSU that he found the “extraordinarily experimental internship” to be “very valuable,” and that it gave him many opportunities to learn about different aspects of what it means to be part of a larger scientific community and a collaborative research group.

“I also had no idea I would be a math and physics major one day. I was an undecided major for two years. I am grateful to OSU for giving me the freedom and flexibility to explore a wide range of courses and discover my true passion,” he adds.

From lecture halls to science labs, the College of Science continuously supports the next generation of scientists in their pursuit of internships and work opportunities.

If you want to be part of the ongoing graduate success at OSU, visit the College of Science’s website and kickstart your career in science today.

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