North America’s Science Innovators
Source: College of Science, Oregon State University

North American universities are working on innovative projects to drive change across a broad range of fields.

Ecologist Francis Chan from Oregon State University, for example, has made an outreach video on Ocean Acidification from his continued study of the issue, which was recently shown to Oregon legislators at the Oregon Coastal Caucus Economic Summit.

At the summit, the video set the tone to facilitate positive change in environmental policy, with Chan continuously advocating to combat the issue through innovative research and outreach.

Meanwhile, scientists at the University of Toronto have developed solutions for faster computation.

Maryam Mehri Dehnavi, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the university, together with PhD student Kazem Cheshmi, is researching numerical analysis, parallel computing and compilers, to build high-performance software for use in domains like computer graphics, robotics and machine learning.

Source: Faculty of Science, University of Ottawa

Their project, ParSy: Inspection and Transformation of Sparse Matrix Computations for Parallelism, was presented at Supercomputing – the international conference for high-performance computing, networking, storage and analysis, in Dallas last month.

With North American universities accounting for almost half the institutions on the list of the world’s most innovative universities in 2018, according to the latest Reuters ranking, we’ve selected four innovative institutions that may be of interest to you…


If you want to ask big questions, take risks and learn outside the classroom, the College of Science at Oregon State should be on your radar.

This university, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, offers some of the best courses on the globe for subjects like Marine Science, Robotics and Forestry, presenting a full portfolio of physical, mathematical, statistical and natural science degrees.

The university’s beautiful campus combines classic American architecture with innovative research and science facilities.  Oregon State is in Corvallis, ranked one of the safest, smartest, greenest small cities in the US. This year, it was named a top five Most Beautiful College Town and Best Small City for Business and Careers in the country.

Source: College of Science, Oregon State University

The College is a vibrant scientific community committed to expanding the world’s intellectual capital through discovery and innovation. It’s recognized as a global center for excellence in research and scholarship, building the next generation of leaders in science.

Close to the breath-taking Cascade Mountains, Crater Lake National Park, hundreds of waterfalls and famous Pacific Coast beaches, studying here offers amazing opportunities to immerse yourself in the active Pacific Northwest lifestyle of skiing, hiking, biking and exploring.

Check out the Guide for International Students or the College of Science’s blog Impact for more information.


Ready for your tech and science career to soar? Temple University in Philadelphia will propel you towards achieving your goals, from ending global warming and saving endangered species to using advanced data mining to improve human health and wellbeing.

Source: College of Science and Technology, Temple University

Offering more than 30 undergraduate majors and 11 graduate programmes, the CST has the right course for you, regardless of whether you choose to specialise in medicine, dentistry, the pharmaceutical or environmental industries or computer and information sciences.

The current curriculum incorporates fundamental scientific principles as well as the latest discoveries in major disciplines, delivered by the dedicated faculty who are leading scholars in their fields.

Accelerated programmes, interdisciplinary majors and undergraduate research projects allow you to push scientific boundaries during your studies, readying you for a successful career in your chosen field.

With an eclectic array of cultural, athletic and social activities, such as student-run clubs, community-service projects, athletic events and musical performances, you’ll never be bored at Temple.


This impressive faculty is one of the most comprehensive and diverse academic divisions in North America, comprising 29 departments, seven colleges, and 46 interdisciplinary centres, institutes and programmes.

Source: Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Toronto

The faculty hosts 300 undergraduate programmes and 63 graduate degrees. Faculty members include many of the world’s leading scholars and scientists, whose discoveries and innovations have advanced our understanding of the world and continue to address many of society’s most pressing issues.

With a prime location in the centre of Toronto, one of the world’s most diverse cities, you’ll have access to a broad range of experiential opportunities, from service learning to internships.

You will study at a truly international university with students coming from over 140 countries and a student body made up of over 25 percent international students.

This high ranking university is one of the most prestigious in the world. The campus has been likened to that of Oxford and Cambridge for its historical architecture and green space.


Offering hands-on experience from your first year, the Faculty of Science at the University of Ottawa aims to find solutions to the world’s problems through student engagement and game-changing ideas, all while providing an excellent student experience.

Source: Faculty of Science, University of Ottawa

The university, located in the Canadian capital, is the largest bilingual (English-French) university in the world, boasting a 97 percent employment rate for its graduates.

There’s a plethora of degree programmes available in disciplines such as biopharmaceutical science, biotechnology and ophthalmic medical technology. Here, you’ll be encouraged to open your mind, explore, question and discover.

The faculty encourages students to develop a passion for pushing the boundaries and exploring the unknown.

A degree from the University of Ottawa will give you the tools for a rewarding career in natural sciences, life sciences, physical sciences or mathematics.

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