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Örebro University: International master’s programmes that give you an edge in your career

Pursuing a master’s degree is a huge financial and time investment, but the returns are well-documented. Research shows that postgraduate degree holders earn on average more than those with only an undergraduate degree; data also shows that those with a master’s have a lower unemployment rate.

Apart from the obvious ROI of a graduate degree, pursuing your master’s abroad allows you to both earn a respected degree while building your global connections and cultivate cultural nous — essential skills in our increasingly interconnected world. Three master’s programmes at Sweden’s Örebro University best exemplify these benefits: Musicology, Applied Statistics and Sports Physiology.

international master’s degree

Source: Orebro University

Forward-thinking international master’s programme

What makes ABBA’s tunes evergreen? Why did “Baby Shark” get over seven billion plays on YouTube? How does K-pop affect society at large?

Music — and its effect on individuals and society — is at the core of Örebro University’s Master’s Programme in Musicology — Music and Human Beings. It’s the ideal next step for those with a bachelor’s degree in the humanities, social sciences or musicology; it can also serve as a springboard for doctoral research on music.

The programme will teach you how to deal with different perspectives relating to, among others, our “innate” musicality, the impact of technology on our musical experiences, how we can research music’s impact on people and the role it plays in creating a fair society.

If music feeds the soul, it’s data that will fuel the future. An increasingly digital world will continue the explosion of data since the opening of the World Wide Web to the public in 1991. The rise of multimedia, social media, and the Internet of Things exacerbates this further. Analysing Big Data will be the “key basis of competition, underpinning new waves of productivity growth, innovation, and consumer surplus,” according to research by MGI and McKinsey’s Business Technology Office. The World Economic Forum (WEF) notes that data-related jobs are set to be among the most in-demand jobs of the future too.

international master’s degree

Source: Orebro University

For those interested in analysing and interpreting complex information flows, Örebro University’s Master’s Programme in Applied Statistics will prove useful. The course will prepare you to take on an essential role in statistical modelling and design and in making your own methodological contributions.The programme offers an European Master in Official Statistics (EMOS) option, which is accredited by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. This option includes a 15 credits internship at a statistical authority.

The knowledge you gain in areas such as survey methods and econometrics will be highly relevant to emerging areas such as data science and integration, big data and statistical learning, among others. Applications are often related to economics and other social sciences.

Although the speed of data transfer today is a meteoric step up from the dial-up days in the 90s, it was a Kenyan’s feat in completing a marathon in less than two hours that captivated the world last year. Eliud Kipchoge upended what most people thought was the ultimate limit of human performance, sustaining a speed of 21.2 kilometres per hour or 5.88 meters per second. Sheer grit played a role in this achievement, but so did sports physiology, physical activity and nutrition.

These are the key focus areas of Örebro University’s Master’s Programme in Sports Physiology and Medicine. It’s an apt pathway for those aspiring for a future career within the sport and health industry or in preparation for doctoral studies. The course stimulates critical reflection and furthers your ability to search for and evaluate information, to independently follow the development of knowledge, to conduct scientific studies and to communicate your studies orally and in writing.

These are degrees that open many doors for graduates. The EMOS track for Applied Statistics qualifies you for an international career at national statistical institutes such as Statistics Sweden (SCB). The Musicology programme prepares students to be researchers, teachers, data analysts, cultural activities coordinators and music marketers, to name a few. Sports Physiology alumni are now physiotherapists, caregivers and sports coaches in Sweden and abroad.

If you have citizenship in a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland, you’re exempted from paying an application fee or tuition fees for any of the courses above.

Research prowess

Örebro University is ranked in the top 80 of the Times Higher Education (THE) Young University Rankings 2020 and in the top 400 THE World University Rankings 2021 —  a testament of its research prowess.

international master’s degree

Source: Orebro University

Its musicological research is interdisciplinary, and studies music as an individual, social and cultural phenomenon. It looks at people of all ages, whether professionals or amateurs, and is concerned with all forms of music and music performance, involving humans, in everyday life as well as in institutional contexts.

Meanwhile, the university’s research in statistics develops models and methods which make it possible to draw conclusions from empirical data riddled with random variation. It focuses on methods for analysis of observational data, in particular survey methodology, analysis of register data, time series analysis and econometrics with a strong Bayesian flavour.

Examples of Sport Physiology research areas at Örebro University include resistance training, impact of different guidelines on protein intake on muscle mass, connection between physical activity and inflammation, human skeletal muscle cell hypertrophy, and more.

Whether you enrol in the applied statistics, musicology or sports physiology and medicine programme, each guarantees exposure to the research breakthroughs that take place here. Experts who actively contribute to the advancements of their respective fields will serve as your lecturer, advisers and mentors. Their practical experience ensures that you’re trained with the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out independent research and to develop expertise in your respective field. To find out more about these highly-rewarding programmes that will help you find your future, click here.