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Pursuing your master’s course abroad is one of the best ways for you to get an advanced degree while also building a network of global connections. It’s also an incredible opportunity to enhance your multicultural understanding in an increasingly globalised world, where you can develop career-enhancing skills all in one breath. At Örebro University in Sweden, international students will find all of these opportunities and so much more.

Sweden is fast-growing as an appealing study abroad destination for postgraduate students thanks to its high-quality education, generous part-time work opportunities for foreign students and high standard of living among residents.

At Örebro University, located in the city of Örebro — just two hours outside of Stockholm — aspiring master’s students can hone their skills and pursue specialisations to help catapult their careers. One of the largest cities in inland Sweden, it’s situated on the banks of the river Svartån, complete with a medieval castle at its heart and Hjälmaren lake nearby.

A cosy learning environment for postgraduate students

Örebro University has several feathers in its cap — it’s ranked in the top 80 of the Times Higher Education (THE) Young University Rankings 2020 and in the top 400 THE World University Rankings 2021.

The university has cemented itself as a highly attractive study abroad destination thanks to its convenient and picturesque location, as well as its diverse course offerings for master’s students.

Masters in Sweden

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Örebro is a bustling city, where business and Nordic tourism collide. Being a student at Örebro University means being surrounded by majestic woodlands and nature while still being close to the town centre for all your modern needs. Situated on a small campus and boasting intimate class sizes — never more than 30 students — students can thrive in a cosier and more personalised learning environment with the support of dedicated professors.

Becoming a student at the university also entails being part of a multicultural student body — Örebro University attracts hundreds of new students from all corners of the globe each year thanks to its wide offering of study and research courses.

Meanwhile, as a country that’s aiming to be a zero-waste society, it’s unsurprising that the city is also bicycle-friendly, with paths and friendly streets to ride in throughout. Örebro is known as the “Town of Cycling” in Sweden.

Student accommodation is often a source of stress for international students due to unfamiliarity and sky-high costs. At Örebro, the university guarantees its master’s students an affordable accommodation where they have their own studio flat equipped with a kitchen and bathroom for just 350 euros a month.

International master’s programmes

Örebro University offers several master’s programmes for you to choose from that span across a wide range of subjects, from chemistry, to the latest in AI and robotics.

Their MSc Programme in AI and Robotics teaches you the methods used to power the latest generation of autonomous vehicles, how navigation software in your phone finds the fastest routes in real time, and how sensors in robots and intelligent systems are used to perceive the world.

Masters in Sweden

Source: Örebro University

If you’re keen to do research in statistics taking on a leading role in analysing and interpreting complex information flows, their MSc Programme in Applied Statistics will prove useful. Qualifying you for jobs worldwide — both in the private and the public sector — it s you to take on an essential role in statistical modelling, allowing you to design and make your own methodological contributions.

For those whose passion lies in improving sustainability for humans and the environment, Örebro University’s MSc Programme in Chemistry in Environmental Forensics will fit the bill. The course offers a broad syllabus, with a focus on chemical safety, health and the environment. It also offers insight into several related areas of research including bioanalytical and environmental analysis looking at the source and amount of environmental chemical contaminants and their history.

If you’re looking to develop a specialised knowledge in advanced medicine, the university’s MSc Programme in Experimental Medicine is ideal. This research preparatory programme will give you a broad insight into the general issues affecting public health in today’s society. The main focus of the programme looks at inflammatory mechanisms and its implications on public health, as many of the common diseases worldwide share an inflammation process as a common denominator.

Örebro University also regularly offers research positions — especially in STEM areas — to international students, while their campus is also home to several prominent research centres. Citizens from the EU, EEA (including Sweden) and Switzerland should take note: All are exempt from tuition and application fees.

Ultimately, studying at Örebro University entails enjoying a competitive or tuition fee-free education for selected students, guaranteed accommodation on campus, learning with accredited faculties in leading research centres, close contact with professors and a high living standard within Örebro.

The application window for international master’s programmes at Örebro University will open on Oct. 16, 2020. For details, contact the university here.

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