A new check-in feature on SAFEY safety app has been released for international students. Source: Shutterstock/little star.
A new check-in feature on SAFEY safety app has been released for international students. Source: Shutterstock.com/little star.

In the middle of a crisis, it is near-impossible to determine the wellbeing of students while the chaos unfolds. With this in mind SAFEY Emergency System developed a new check-in feature, enabling study-abroad administrators to affirm students’ safety in seconds.

The administrators can also pin down the exact location of pupils.

While the chances of being involved in a disaster are slim, institutions have to be smart about how they handle crises to ensure safety for all students. Thanks to the new feature, it is easier than ever to contact people who can help should the worst happen.

When disaster strikes, administrators will be notified of all students who are in the potential danger zones. They will then be able to send out a request that students check-in and confirm their safety via the app.

On the SAFEY app users have always been able to signal an SOS in times of crisis. The SOS signal tells administrators the exact location of the user.

SAFEY has also recently launched a new “chat feature” enabling administrators to initiate conversation with pupils instantly. Pupils in high-risk locations can be contacted in one fell swoop.

A student in distress merely needs to hit the SOS button, and even if they do not know where they are or where to go, administrators can help. The student will appear on a map, enabling administrators to instruct them on the best way to get out, while following their movement.

The new check-in feature means it is even quicker and easier for students to register their safety. Within seconds, SAFEY administrators can initiate an “Are You OK?” request. Previously, it could take hours to locate and confirm the safety of all students.

“We have worked […] to develop our new check-in feature specifically for the study abroad community. Our latest tool empowers study abroad programs to meet the needs of the continually-evolving study abroad experience,” said Brandon Ferrante, CEO of SAFEY.

The app was used during the attacks in Barcelona, Spain, this August.

Brent Blahnik, UWGB Director of International Education, explained following the attacks that, “with a push of a button, [students] can get in touch with us and emergency services, police, fire ambulance [all] with the touch of an app”.

The development of apps for international students, such as SAFEY and wellbeing app HappE, is increasingly prominent when it comes to providing a prosperous and safe university environment.

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