North-West University: Nurturing greatness in the heart of South Africa
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North-West University: Nurturing greatness in the heart of South Africa

Studying abroad is a transformative journey. You earn more than a degree at the end of it — you become a bigger person who’s more attuned to the world’s many cultures. It’s an opportunity to experience a new country, a different education system and stints that’ll give you the key skills for your chosen career.

One such study destination is South Africa. This is where you’ll find the North-West University (NWU) which is celebrating 20 years of greatness. NWU is recognised as one of the top 10 universities in Africa by the latest QS World University Rankings. With 12 research chairs, five (5) research centres of excellence, 11 research units, 14 research focus areas, eight (8) research niche areas, and seven (7) hosted research entities , NWU is at the forefront of innovation. The university addresses immediate challenges while also planning for the future, with upcoming developments in mining and medical school.

“My experience at NWU has been nothing but positive,” says international Engineering student Maiar Ahmed. “Whenever I’ve needed assistance, I’ve found that my lectures are always open, and the doors are always open to any student at any time. I’ve also found that the skills I’m learning here will remain relevant for a very long time.”

In an increasingly interconnected world, the need for a well-rounded and globally relevant education has never been more crucial. NWU precisely offers this in its degrees that transcend borders. From research opportunities to a vibrant and diverse community, NWU has an environment where your academic ambitions can aspirations flourish as you pursue one of its many undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

NWU has eight faculties covering Economic and Management Sciences, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law, Natural and Agricultural Sciences, and Theology. Each offers a high-quality education at an affordable price and plays home to several of its over 300 National Research Foundation-rated researchers.

NWU is at the forefront of positive change at the Faculty of Engineering. The faculty educates and develops future engineers and tackles real-life challenges through research. From Industrial Engineering to Nuclear Engineering, Chemical and Minerals Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer and Electronic Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering, NWU’s engineering programmes aim to shape a better world.

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences is a value-driven hub offering dynamic and quality education. It has internationally evaluated academic standards, accreditation with professional bodies, and lively activities. You can choose from over 30 programmes covering Accounting Sciences, Business School, Economic Sciences, Industrial Psychology and Human Resource Management, Management Sciences, and Tourism Management, among others.

NWU’s Faculty of Health Sciences is focused on producing relevant knowledge and innovation in health sciences, aiming to improve the health of populations globally. Programmes include Human Movement Sciences, Psychosocial Health, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiology, Consumer Sciences, Occupational Hygiene, and Dietetics.

NWU has serene landscapes and close-knit communities. Source: North-West University

These programmes are set against a stunning natural backdrop. NWU’s location in the North West and Gauteng province offers a unique blend of natural wonders and cultural treasures. The North West province’s varied terrains range from the rocky Magaliesberg Mountains to the lush expanses of the Pilanesberg National Park. Two of NWU campuses near the Vredefort Dome, the world’s largest visible meteorite impact crater, as well.

Adding to the scenic beauty is Sun City, a resort and entertainment destination just a road trip away. NWU students can explore tourist attractions and embark on a journey of cultural discovery. The North West province provides a peaceful atmosphere where students can focus on their studies without distractions. The landscapes are serene while the communities are close-knit. You’ll feel supported and secure here, whether off or on campus. NWU prioritises safety and maintains a fully-fledged Protection Services Unit on all campuses — with worries assuaged, you can make the most of NWU’s vibrant campus life.

Join Student RAG Community Service as part of our student-driven community engagement initiatives and contribute to our community and society at large. Cheer for the NWU Eagles,  the 2023 Varsity Cup tournament champions, explore your passion for radio at award-winning campus radio stations, or join the beloved NWU Choir. There are many ways to experience all NWU has to offer.

Each NWU campus stands out in its own way. The Vanderbijlpark Campus fosters an entrepreneurial mindset through the bhive Enterprise Development Centre, while Potchefstroom is home to  engineering and health sciences. Mahikeng stands out for its emphasis on agricultural sciences and nanotechnology.

Whichever campus you’re in, unlimited opportunities await those who choose to join NWU.

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