10 reasons to pursue a postgraduate degree at North-West University in South Africa
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10 reasons to pursue a postgraduate degree at North-West University in South Africa

1. The lifelong benefits of studying abroad

Imagine entering a world where every street corner whispers a different story, and every smile speaks a new language. Studying abroad is a transformative journey that extends beyond academic enrichment, offering personal growth and cultural immersion. It’s an opportunity to experience a new country, explore different educational styles, and develop integral and transferable skills like resilience and adaptability.

2. Countless tourist attractions

South Africa, known as the Rainbow Nation for its cultural diversity, is a great destination for international students. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, the country offers an unforgettable educational experience.

Beyond urban noise lies North-West University (NWU), hidden within South African natural wonders. The North West province is where unforgettable landscapes and cultural sights intertwine. Amidst mountains and peaceful valleys, it invites both adventurers and explorers to discover its stories and secrets.

Not to mention, nearby attractions like the famous Sun City Resort, Gold Reef City, Mall of Africa, the Cradle of Humankind, and the breathtaking Hartbeespoort Dam allow students to enrich their academic pursuits with unforgettable experiences just a short road trip away.

3. Enjoy a slower pace of life

In contrast to more bustling urban centres like Gauteng, Western Cape, and KwaZulu Natal, the province provides a haven where students can focus on their studies without the hustle and bustle of city life. Serene landscapes and close-knit communities contribute to a peaceful atmosphere where students can navigate their academic journey in a secure and supportive environment.

4. High-quality degrees

Today, the need for a holistic and globally relevant education has never been more crucial. NWU provides just that and more — an unparalleled experience transcending borders. From innovative research opportunities to a vibrant and diverse community, it fosters an environment where academic aspirations flourish, providing a life-changing experience that cultivates greatness for a lifetime.

To stay ahead, NWU continuously adds to its already extensive lineup of academic offerings. Source: North-West University

NWU takes pride in offering affordable, high-quality education across a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes through its eight faculties: Economic and Management Sciences, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law, Natural and Agricultural Sciences, and Theology. Across these fields, 322 National Research Foundation-rated researchers call NWU home.

North-West University continuously adds to its qualification offerings. Recently, in partnership with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), it rolled out a Master of Science (MSc) in Nutrition with Nuclear Techniques to address the staggering malnutrition figures in Africa.

5. Join a supportive community representing 50 countries

NWU’s vibrant and inclusive community spans across borders, with students from over 50 countries worldwide. Its dedicated Global Engagement Office prides itself on a supportive environment that exceeds cultural boundaries. Here, students find a home away from home, where diversity is celebrated, and differences are embraced.

6. Give back to communities

NWU Eagles pride themselves on an ethic of care, recognising the profound responsibility to improve its communities. The university passionately believes that true academic excellence is achieved through meaningful collaboration with communities of interest and practice.

By harnessing both its expertise and the wealth of experiences from those it serves, NWU  strives to create a significant and sustainable impact, both within South Africa and on a global scale.

7. A vibrant student life

Student life at NWU is a vibrant fusion of expression. Its campuses pulse with creativity, offering countless opportunities for students to explore and engage in various art forms, from theatre productions to art exhibitions and musical performances. NWU also boasts athletic excellence, with students excelling in a wide range of sports.

Its state-of-the-art facilities provide students with a unique platform to hone their skills. From rugby, soccer, and hockey to cricket and athletics, NWU’s teams compete at the highest levels, displaying not only their physical prowess but also their unwavering dedication and team spirit.

The North West province is a great destination for students who thrive amidst tranquillity. Source: North-West University

8. A safe, secure second home

As safety is paramount for any student, North-West University prioritises security, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a balanced and protected educational experience. On all of NWU’s campuses is a fully-fledged Protection Services Unit to help ensure a safe study environment.

9. Conduct groundbreaking research

At North-West University, research is not just a pursuit but a commitment to innovation and impactful solutions to global challenges. With 12 research chairs, five (5) research centres of excellence, 11 research units, and 14 research focus areas, NWU stands at the forefront of innovative research. Eleven (11) research niche areas, and seven (7) hosted research entities, further demonstrate NWU’s dedication to academic excellence.

Through collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches, NWU researchers address diverse topics ranging from sustainable development and environmental conservation to healthcare innovation and technological advancement.

10. Affordability and multilingualism

NWU is committed to providing accessible education without compromising quality. Through various bursary schemes and financial aid options, the university strives to ensure higher education remains within reach of all aspiring students.

The university also recognises the importance of linguistic diversity. With instruction offered in multiple languages, including English and Afrikaans, students have the opportunity to engage with academic content in their preferred language, promoting greater accessibility and understanding. Here, affordable education and multilingualism go hand in hand, empowering students to pursue academic excellence and thrive in a globalised world.

At NWU, the journey of education is an adventure that spans continents and cultures. Within its welcoming embrace, students from diverse backgrounds come together to aspire, achieve, and excel. With every lesson learned and every connection made, the NWU continues to inspire generations of learners to explore a world of boundless opportunities. It all starts here.

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