North America: Boarding schools that inspire future generations
Source: Idyllwild Arts Academy

Known for its idyllic Grand Canyon National Park, fascinating Molokini Crater and wild Muir Woods, North America has exciting things to offer sight-seeing students and international explorers.

With regards to education, North America proves to be a leading magnet for those seeking high-quality overseas study.

Adrianna Dyczkowsky, a public relations specialist for a leading organisation that works with international students, recently spoke to Forbes about the academic appeal of North America and answered queries surrounding its prominent popularity.

According to Dyczkowsky, education in North America is a gateway to a better life. “International students want to avoid uncertainty and there has to be a future for them where they do their studies,” she says. “That’s why America still has some of the best universities in the world.”

Acting as a fundamental bridge between learners and their academic future, boarding schools in North America can also expose students to a thriving career culture. As a continent that hosts some of the world’s biggest companies and start-ups, it’s a strategic location for any learners seeking a head start in their chosen profession.

Source: Ridley College

For Relocate Global, boarding schools present a multitude of modern advantages for parents and students: “In recent years, boarding has had a face-lift. Long gone are the days when children were ‘sent away’. Now, modern facilities, pastoral care and stringent regulations mean that you can be assured your child is well cared for and receives a first-class education.

“Because of the international nature of most boarding schools, students find themselves living and working with children from many different countries. With increased globalisation, the ability to work across cultures and languages is a desirable trait for many businesses today.”

By encouraging students to become independent and ensuring that they mix with people from many different cultures, boarding schools offer boundless benefits.

So, if you want your child to be taught alongside the next generation of trendsetters, founders and free thinkers, secure their next study destination in North America.

Here are four boarding schools in North America that inspire future generations…


Changing lives through the arts, academics and creative discovery, Idyllwild Arts Academy in the San Jacinto Mountains of California offers a transformative boarding experience for all.

Source: Idyllwild Arts Academy

Encompassing experiential learning methods and motivating students with an unyielding dedication to the study of dance, filmmaking, visual arts, fashion design and more, this is where the learners of today acquire the innovative, creative and problem-solving skills required to do the challenging work of tomorrow.

For grades 9-12 and postgraduate students interested in applying to this internationally-acclaimed residential arts high school, Idyllwild ensures students leave this interdisciplinary academy with the confidence to adapt their talent and ambition to an unlimited selection of future workplaces.

Creative education acknowledges the importance of the arts and their interactions with the fields of science, tech, engineering and mathematics, or STEM. This is why Idyllwild Arts Academy teaches STEAM — the gift that keeps on giving!

That’s why global companies are always seeking inventive graduates with artistic flair. They know that some of the world’s most influential initiatives, ideas, gadgets and brands were produced by creative, confident thinkers.

So, if you’re going to ignite a student’s mindset with a boarding school that offers additional exciting opportunities through its on-site summer school programme, the ideal choice is Idyllwild Arts Academy.


Taught to embrace their individuality and nurture the values that will allow them to lead flourishing lives, Ridley College students in Canada sign up to a transformative boarding school experience.

Source: Ridley College

Recognised for the Ridley Difference, the school integrates a traditional liberal arts education with individual learning, the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, a learner-driven culture and campus community, and a commitment to service to others.

For Grade 9 student Darcy, Ridley is the ultimate study abroad destination as students are always introduced to new opportunities, “For me, what’s been different here is the independence. The boarding environment makes you independent and that’s been very rewarding to me. The teachers here also make it a special place. They’re incredible and having classes with fewer people makes it easy to connect with them.”

Aiming to exceed your expectations, the school has set out a number of ‘ex-factors’ to outline the boarding experience. Ridley grants students the chance to enjoy sprawling campuses with modern classrooms, elite training facilities, dining halls, outfitted labs and more.

By pairing lessons with world-class experts, Ridley educators have an unwavering commitment to their students and act as mentors, tutors, coaches and advisors outside of the classroom.

So, for a boarding school that provides an all-inclusive learning and living arrangement, take a look at Ridley.


Frequently compared to the infamous Hogwarts, Kent School in Connecticut is located in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains and along the Housatonic River – a magical learning environment that nature lovers will cherish.

Source: Kent School

Defying traditional labels and erasing educational boundaries, the school encourages boarders to reveal aspects of their characters and potential that may never have been discovered before.

For Kent students, participation is key. A community that encourages learners to try new things and leave their comfort zones behind, not only is this an overseas adventure, it’s also a personal and progressive one, too.

On the academics front, there are many courses to choose from. With departments linked to the study of arts, classics, English, history, mathematics, modern languages, music, research and academic skills, science and theology – whatever subject you’re interested in, Kent has an informative course to match.

Linking its sixth form students to leadership opportunities, students in the senior stage at Kent have the chance to take on roles that teach them responsibility, allow them to manage and advise others, and make fair, effective decisions.

This means every Kent School graduate has the knowledge needed to identify today’s most pressing issues, taking the necessary steps to build a more sustainable future.


Located on 600-acres, East of the Pemigewasset River in the White Mountains, the Holderness School in New Hampshire includes an outdoor covered ice rink and more than six miles of cross-country trails.

Source: Holderness School

With an on-campus chapel that dates back to 1797, Holderness is a school that harnesses history and tradition.

This New Hampshire boarding school wants students to reimagine the learning process, “Imagine yourself in classes with no more than 16 students and in which your teachers encourage your questions and participation,” it says. “From biology field trips on Squam Lake for water quality testing to visits to the Human Performance Lab at Plymouth State University, the opportunities to experience real-life applications of classroom lessons are endless.”

The boarding school side of Holderness is also a small, close-knit community that supports your growth as a current student, Sarah Berube discovered: “I’ve definitely built a lot of character here. You get to learn a lot about yourself and it’s a really nice journey along the way.”

Believing in equity and inclusion, the school continuously strengthens the practices needed to construct a respectful, safe and diverse community. By staying with Holderness, your child will attain the characteristics needed to thrive in an inter-connected world.

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