Innovative education
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Nexus International School (Singapore): Taking innovative education to the next level

Nexus International School in Singapore is taking innovative education to the next level, pushing boundaries through innovative open classroom concepts, teaching styles and STEAM integration.

An accredited member of the Council of International Schools and recipient of exclusive Apple Distinguished School (ADS) status, Nexus International knows how to weave new technologies into the educational framework effectively to keep learners, engaged, motivated and inspired.

With exposure to a team of internationally qualified and highly experienced educators from various countries, students are taught by teachers who can speak multiple languages, enabling children to communicate with confidence and expand their conversational capabilities with ease.

Lessons that come to life

Understanding that learning is enhanced when students are in a fun environment supported by caring teachers, lessons really come to life at Nexus International.

That’s why, from Early Years and Primary Years to Secondary Years and IB Years, students here learn for the future.

Recently, Year 7 students unearthed the mystery of Otzi the Iceman in a humanities class. Split into groups of pathologists, archaeologists and climatologists, the class worked together to figure out how Otzi died, to find out how Otzi lived and how landscape and climate helped preserve his body for over 5,000 years.

Using the humanities skills of inquiry, students had access to digital technology that transported them back in time, immersing them in a recreated, past environment.

“We believe in learning through enjoyment, engagement and through real hands-on discovery. Through deep analysis of primary evidence found at an actual archaeological site, learners have formulated their own hypotheses and reached their own conclusions in response to an ancient mystery,” Humanities teacher Ms Sarah explains.

Campus innovations that inspire

Continuously trying to create environments that inspire creativity, evoke curiosity and engage a love of learning, Nexus International has an ‘open classroom’ concept, knocking down school walls and breaking through physical learning boundaries.

Innovative education

Source: Nexus International School Singapore

Designed by teachers, the school will move into its newly built campus in January 2020. This unique ‘open concept’ has a variety of different learning spaces, presentation areas, collaborative spaces, quiet zones, makerspaces and design & tech hubs.

Outlined in the brochure, “Our new school is nestled between Kallang and Paya Lebar on the East Coast.  Its excellent connectivity means everything is close to you, including Marina Bay and the CBD.”

Nexus boasts a wonderful family community and has designed the campus so that parents can enjoy the school as much as their children.  With a Parent Lounge that looks straight onto the field, perfect for supporting school teams, catching up with friends and hosting sports BBQs. It even involves a new shared workspace so parents can work on-site and host meetings and conveniently walk next door to the new Eco Café for working lunches or coffee pick-ups.

The brochure also provides a 360° view for a sneak peek of the new campus plans through a virtual reality perspective.

Where innovation never ends

At Nexus International, innovation has no limits – students can choose from over 90 co-curricular activities!

Innovative education

Source: Nexus International School Singapore

From the more traditional choices such as choir, Model United Nations (MUN), netball, rugby, swimming and chess club to contemporary options like Dungeons and Dragons, golf, Lego robotics, Irish dancing and race car engineering, there’s something here for everyone.

Nexus inspires children to take action and pursue leadership roles through Primary Action Groups, Secondary Student Council and Eco-Committees, children are encouraged to act, plan and organise a variety of initiatives.

For instance, the Nexus Vertical Farm; one of the many inventive and informative learning activities available at Nexus, this initiative started off as a Year 4 project when students wanted to understand more about growing plants in Singapore’s urban jungle. From there they built a closed water flow system and grew herbs as a start-up initiative.

Additionally, through the IB Diploma offered at Nexus International, students grow mentally, socially, and artistically with the aid of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS).

Encouraging learners to show initiative and demonstrate skills such as collaboration, problem-solving and decision making, CAS prepares students for life beyond education; plus, the school has a dedicated overseas CAS trip in Year 12 to kick-start the IB journey.

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