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Nexus International School Malaysia: The innovative school with a stellar record of developing global leaders

Amidst the lush greens of Putrajaya, the Administrative Capital of Malaysia, lies a school that is just as innovative as it is excellent. Although young, Nexus International School Malaysia, established in 2008, has consistently maintained its outstanding reputation. In 2016, its unique ability to look ahead was acknowledged — cultivating and developing innovative learning practices earned it the prestigious recognition of being an Apple Distinguished School. Pair future-focused approaches to learning with the top-tier International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, and students have a recipe for success. The best part? It’s a combination open to all, thanks to the school’s commitment to affordability.

“Using the latest technology and up-to-date pedagogical practices, together with the best examples of more traditional education, we enable young people to be independent, internationally-minded, lifelong learners so that they are fully prepared to thrive in the globalised environment of the 21st century,” shares principal David Griffiths.

“Our highly-qualified and experienced teachers have been carefully selected from around the world and undergo a rigorous induction process where they become experts in ‘The Nexus Way’ and the latest advances in teaching and learning.”

Hence why classrooms here are anything but traditional. Pencils and notebooks are commonly traded for iPads and other sophisticated     Apple products. Nestled amidst breathtaking natural surroundings, the school takes pride in nurturing resilience and confidence through its Forest School Sessions. These sessions, accredited by the UK’s Forest School Learning Initiative, stand as a pioneering initiative among international schools in Malaysia. These are just two ways the school cultivates a vibrant atmosphere while embracing innovation at its core.

Nexus International School Malaysia

By immersing students in the wonders of the great outdoors, Nexus cultivates a deep appreciation for nature while fostering essential life skills. Source: Nexus International School Malaysia

The Nexus Way”, a unique approach comprising four elements — Innovation, Relationships, Inclusion and Mindsets — makes up a “Nexus learner.” These building blocks lay the foundation for lifelong learning, and each serves as guiding principles that evolve learners into global leaders. However, being an innovative school doesn’t stop with state-of-the-art digital tools. Innovation at Nexus also means developing leaders in a globalised generation by nurturing a creative mindset and developing soft skills such as critical thinking and decision-making.

This is possible through Nexus’s dynamic academic offerings. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) uses a modern, broad and balanced curriculum to let younger students harness the power of inquiry-based learning, sparking creativity through their pursuit of individual passion projects. Children learn best by doing, hence why the IPC includes many opportunities to let them apply classroom lessons in the real world.

The theme of preparation continues in Years Seven to Nine, when the Middle School Programme (MSP) is introduced to ensure seamless transitions to the crucial next steps of students’ academic journey. It trains them to take on the challenges of the IGCSE examination courses and, subsequently, the IB Diploma.

Meanwhile, the CORE programme and Project Qualifications in IGCSE help students cultivate the needed competencies of project work, collaboration, and research skills to master all components of the IB Diploma — Theory of Knowledge; creativity, activity, service (CAS); and the extended essay.

The collective experience is foundational yet comprehensive, setting students up for success when they enter Years 12 and 13. Once they graduate, they thrive at some of the finest universities in the world with the prowess needed to make an impact in their chosen passions — much like the alumni before them. Nexus is a top-ranking IBDP school in Malaysia     . In the last two years, many graduates have achieved outstanding results with a 100% pass rate and above-average scores.

Nexus International School Malaysia

Graduate King Ying Lau is currently a Clinical Research Assistant at the University of British Columbia Department of Emergency Medicine. Source: Nexus International School Malaysia

King Ying Lau is one of them. As one of Nexus’s top IB scorers, she won several scholarships to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Behavioural Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada. These scholarships were awarded for her exceptional academic achievements, involvement outside of the classroom, and scholarly potential in her chosen discipline.

She credits her success to Nexus. “They really put a lot of effort into making sure that, from start to finish, we are well prepared,” she said. As a boarder, she received 24/7 enrichment centred around student well-being, academic excellence, and cultural diversity.

Nexus International School Malaysia

Boarding at Nexus encourages learners to cultivate independence and foster a sense of respect. Source: Nexus International School Malaysia

Choosing to live and learn att Nexus full-time means joining      a community of not more than 110 boarders; House Parents who double as qualified teachers and nurses; and a Director of boarding who is also a qualified English as a Second Language (ESOL) teacher.

With their unwavering guidance, students make the most of Nexus’s multifaceted programme of activities, pastoral care and academic support, including dedicated and specialised classes to grasp the English language and other foreign languages, like Japanese.

Conveniently, these offerings are delivered from the dynamic, culturally-rich capital city of Kuala Lumpur (KL), perfectly complementing the school’s innovative curricula and teaching. Its affordability means families can raise their living standards and truly enjoy life in Asia as their children get a top IB education.

It’s the experience of a lifetime, hence why Nexus is home to various backgrounds and cultures. In fact, students come from countries such as Malaysia, China, the UK, Korea, India, Japan, Bangladesh, and more. To ensure each learner feels at home, the school conducts a wide range of activities that promote personal growth and social responsibility, such as volunteering, cultural events, and service projects.

In this, learners effortlessly feel a sense of belonging while en route to becoming future global leaders ready to make a difference in the world. Andrew Kuik is a prime example. As a computer science student at Stanford University and an award-winning pianist, he exemplifies how a Nexus education can take you far and change the world.

Nexus International School Malaysia

Andrew Kuik went on to achieve a scholarship to study computer science at Stanford University in the US. Source: Nexus International School Malaysia

Over the course of five years, he raised RM147,000 (US$31,735 at the time of writing) for various causes by organising concerts. “On top of the school being very supportive and assisting me in my goals of being a pianist, I think this is what the IB Diploma — coupled with the CAS requirement learners need to achieve — is for. We should help others with the skills we already have, which for me is through playing the piano.”

It’s clear that Nexus is more than just an educational institution. It is a catalyst for transforming passions into achievements and dreams into reality. To learn more about the dynamic, engaging environment where passions are ignited, aspirations are realised, and futures are shaped, click here.

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