Nexus International School Malaysia
Source: Nexus International School Malaysia

As of January 2023, there are 13,192 international schools globally, where nearly 15% in East Asia. What these figures represent is more than just a tabulation of institutions — it’s a testament to the growing confidence of parents in international schools. When campuses closed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many moved their children from public schools to international schools who pivoted better and also provide more global offerings. 

These parents know that an education that goes beyond borders and isn’t confined within the four walls of a classroom lead to many perks. In addition to earning top school-leaving qualifications like the A Level and International Baccalaureate, these children have broader mindsets and a network of friends and acquaintances from a wider reach — key ingredients for success in the 21st century.

If this is the future you envision for your child, here are four international schools in Asia you can consider:

Nexus International School Malaysia

Nexus International School Malaysia

Nexus International School Malaysia was recognised once again as an Apple Distinguished School for 2022 to 2025.
Source: Nexus International School Malaysia

Nestled amidst the lush greenery in Malaysia’s administrative capital Putrajaya is one of the country’s most innovative schools: Nexus International School Malaysia. This Apple Distinguished School since 2016 is constantly redefining how it uses technology to enhance the learning experience. And it goes far beyond just using iPads and Mac products — it’s about using technology-rich environments to spark student creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

It’s all part of being a “Nexus learner,” actively receiving and involved in the process of finding, creating and understanding content. “The Nexus Way” is made up of four elements – Innovation, Relationships, Inclusion and Mindsets – each meant to empower and guide learners through their self-development and academic journey. 

The goal is to nurture a globalised generation — and Nexus innovation makes it possible. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) harnesses the power of inquiry-based learning, cultivating creativity through learners’ pursuit of individual Passion Projects. At Secondary school, the CORE programme develops research and analytical skills through a project qualification, which prepares learners for the IB Diploma Programme. Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) in the IB Diploma ensures that learners participate responsibly in local and global communities, making an impact in their chosen passions. 

Offering an international education for pre-school to pre-university with excellent boarding facilities, Nexus is where children can learn a breadth of subjects and knowledge. At every step of the way, its dynamic curriculum responds to new research and discoveries related to education in the 21st century — with results to show for it. In 2021, Nexus achieved global recognition in the IBDP examinations as one of the Top 2% of IB Schools in the World and the Top 50 in Asia, cementing its position as the best IBDP School in Malaysia. In 2022, its learners received more than 140 university offers worth USD 1 million- achieved because Nexus learners are able to stand out as globalised citizens.

Good grades are just one aspect of Nexus learners’ preparation for the challenges ahead as future global leaders. They show acumen for sustainability and well-being too. As the winner of the Wellbeing Award for Schools, Nexus is also where students have access to well-being and mental health programmes through classroom lessons, extracurricular activities, professional learning, parent workshops, and boarding activities, among others. 

Nexus International School Malaysia

“The Nexus Way” empowers students to take risks, make mistakes and challenge themselves — making for a solid preparation for the challenges ahead as future global leaders.
Source: Nexus International School Malaysia

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ISS International School

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At ISS International School, students are encouraged to make mistakes in a safe and inspiring environment.
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ISS International School (ISS) educates to make a difference with accredited academic programmes led by experienced and caring educators. What makes their approach stand out is the school’s unique personalised learning programme that’s based on research from the world of psychology and current thinking on how students best learn.

Here, students are nurtured to be independent thinkers and are encouraged to make mistakes in a safe and sustainable environment. Classes are made intentionally small with a 1:5 teacher to student ratio, allowing students to receive individualised attention, strategies and pathways created just for them.

Little wonder why the school celebrated a top score of 42 points and a pass rate of 96.4%, 17.3 percentage points above the global average for the IB Diploma in 2020. Student outcomes are just as inspiring with many students receiving offers from prestigious universities around the world, including University College London, University of Edinburgh, Nanyang Technological University and University of Hong Kong. 

This success can be credited to ISS’s pastoral care and emphasis on student well-being. ISS recognises the importance of how social, physical and emotional well-being of a student are critical for their growth and development. This is carried out in four main areas: Actively Contributing to Communities, Being Healthy, Safe and Active, Communicating and Interacting and Personal Identity.

What’s more, the school is also home to a diverse student population with over 50 nationalities, giving your child the chance to learn in an inclusive environment while celebrating everyone’s uniqueness. 

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British International School Ho Chi Minh City

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International School Ho Chi Minh City is one of the largest international schools in Vietnam with a diverse student community of over 50 nationalities.
Source: International School Ho Chi Minh City/Facebook

British International School Ho Chi Minh City was established in 1997 and has grown to become one of the largest international language schools in Vietnam. They are also the first schools in Vietnam to be inspected and approved by the Association of British Schools Overseas.

Here, students from age two to 18 are welcome at its campus where over 50 nationalities are represented. Average class size is 18 — the student-to-teacher ratio at the primary level is 21:2, secondary is 11:1.

Curriculum at BIS HCMC is rigorous and widely extensive. The school provides students with opportunities to engage in world-class collaborations with top institutions including Juilliard School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). These programmes in particular help enhance the learning of performing arts and provide a STEAM curriculum that tackles real-world challenges across the subjects of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM). 

It was also officially awarded full accreditation status through the prestigious Council of International Schools (CIS) and is a registered centre for the UK examination boards Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). 

British International School Phuket

international schools in Asia

British International School Phuket designed to make learning enjoyable while maintaining high standards of teaching.
Source: British International School Phuket/Facebook

The British International School, Phuket is an English-medium, co-educational, day and boarding school in Phuket, Thailand. Everything BIS Phuket does is designed to make learning enjoyable and to give every child the opportunity to develop a sense of confidence in themselves. The school delivers high standards of teaching and learning to an international community. 

Here, faculty members teach an extensive and stimulating curriculum covering a wide range of subjects and skills. With a model for holistic learning aimed to develop the whole child, students are instilled with a lifelong love of learning through active engagement from early years to primary and secondary school. 

BIS Phuket students pursue a rigorous and challenging course of academic study that prepares them for success in the most competitive colleges and universities in Asia and beyond. Their solid preparation can be seen in their impressive results — in 2022, 96% of its IB Diploma candidates passed, beating the global average of 86%. Classes of 2018 to 2022 can be found at the likes of Monash University, King’s College London, University of Toronto, and National University Singapore.

While they’re thriving in their next steps, many graduates often say they miss their school and campus loads. BISP’s facilities are enviable, with art rooms, science labs, workshops, a sports hall, a gym and so forth — all set on a 44-acre campus. Their awards are just as admirable: golds in the British Physics Olympiad 2021-22 and international representations for golf and swimming, among many others.

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