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British International School, Phuket: Where the best access the best

As a school that students do not want to leave behind, British International School, Phuket (BISP) is known for providing students with the opportunity to excel academically while pursuing their passions and interests. It’s the ideal setting for anyone to explore their passions and succeed academically — all while achieving personal growth and fulfilment.

Upon graduation, students will leave with an IB Diploma and the BISP High School Diploma accredited by international bodies and the Thailand Ministry of Education. Their next stop? Some of the best universities in the world.

BISP believes quality education can be a powerful catalyst to transform a child’s life and nurture them to be the leaders for tomorrow, whatever their path. Solid preparation for success in university and beyond is BISP’s vision for every student. 

However, the school acknowledges that financial barriers exist in pursuit of this vision, and thus BISP supports its students through its various scholarships. They help to remove monetary barriers and enable the best students to access the best education.

British International School Phuket

BISP offers academic scholarships as an incentive for students with outstanding results. Source: British International School, Phuket

One such scholarship is the Dr Arthit Academic Scholarship. This external award is given to prospective IB Diploma candidates and is designed to “enable the best to access the best” by providing financial assistance to students who have demonstrated academic excellence and a good command of English. The impact of these scholarships goes far beyond just financial aid – they have a profound impact on the students who receive them, helping to empower them to rise above their circumstances and achieve their goals. 

Meet four Dr Arthit Academic Scholarship students who have risen above their circumstances and potential thanks to the support and opportunity provided through BISP’s scholarship programme. Krish, Phoebe, Destiny, and Yi Won have all achieved great things during their time at the school, and they credit their success to the support they have received here from their families, teachers, staff and peers. From launching a startup with 2,500 users to achieving great results in their exams, these students are a testament to the power of education and the impact that scholarships can have on young lives.

British International School Phuket

Aspiring entrepreneur and Year 13 student Krish is a recipient of the Dr Arthit Academic Scholarship. Source: British International School, Phuket


Year 13 student

Upon enrolment to BISP in 2021, Krish had to spend most of his first year as the only online student while his peers were on campus due to travel restrictions. Navigating the syllabus was tough — thankfully, he had the support of his family, teachers and schoolmates.

Since then, however, he’s been able to achieve an incredible amount. “Since joining I’ve created a startup with 2,500 users and been featured in news articles and I’m managing a team of 14,” Krish says. The aspiring entrepreneur is set to bring bigger dreams to life. “My next goal is to acquire investment for my startup,” he says. “Our team is currently in touch with multiple venture capitalists and angel investors, and I am hopeful.” 

British International School Phuket

Armed with the full range of benefits accorded by a BISP education, Phoebe plans to study law or psychology at university. Source: British International School, Phuket


Year 12 student

Coming from Myanmar and Singapore where she spent a gap year working, she shares that her time at BISP has been a “rollercoaster ride.” “In such a lively community, events such as Loy Krathong or student-led well-being events such as Spirit Week have been the highlights of my time here at BISP,” she says.

Phoebe has big plans for her future. Although she is finding the IB workload challenging, she’s confident she can surmount this with the help of her “amazing teachers and friends.” “I plan to study abroad for university after my two-year IB course ends, to pursue a degree in law or psychology,” she shares.

British International School, Phuket

Destiny not only did well in her IGCSE exams and Nigerian national exam, she’s also pursued her passion in robotics. Source: British International School, Phuket


Year 12 student

Though only 14 years old when she sat for the IGCSE exams, Destiny did not let her age stop her. At the time, she was juggling her IGCSE exams and the Nigerian national exam, but with a good support system, she achieved great results despite only having three months to prepare.

“I got 9A* and an A in the 10 subjects I took. I didn’t expect to do well and couldn’t imagine being the highest in my year, but that happened, so I was happy,” she shares.

With a keen interest in robotics, programming and maths, more accomplishments are in store for her. “I want to start making myself better in my core subject areas and put what I learn into real-life applications that help a lot of people,” she says.

British International School Phuket

Head student Yi Won juggles academics and extracurriculars with grace. Source: British International School, Phuket

Yi Won

Head Student and Year 13 student

Balancing academics and extracurriculars is always challenging, but not for exceptional students like BISP Head Student Yi Won. “I believe that one of my greatest accomplishments has been the ability to balance school and all of these commitments, along with personal projects equally,” she says. “These include being Head Student, part of  the Concert Band, Secondary Choir, playing instruments, rock climbing, doing the CREST and Duke of Edinburgh awards, and much more.”

The highlight of her time at BISP are the relationships she’s built with her friends, teachers and staff. “Having only joined the school last year, with a half-term online, I was initially unable to meet any of my classmates and build relationships with them outside of my classes,” she says. 

“However, by learning to put myself out there, and initiating conversations, I have been able to build what I know will be lifelong friendships. You never know what you may learn from those around you and I believe that I have grown a lot from talking to everyone around me.”

Where the best access the best

While it is evident that the Dr Arthit Academic Scholarships are indeed life changing, BISP extends its academic scholarships further by offering 50% to 100% tuition fee reduction for one academic year for internal students. Divided into two categories — Orange Riband and Blue Riband — these scholarships put all BISP Year 11 students in the running without requiring them to make separate applications and the school selects the top-performing IGCSE students every year. 

External candidates are also welcome to apply for Art Scholarships or Sport Scholarships in Football, Swimming, Golf, Tennis or Aerial Arts.

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