9 types of New Year's resolutions students made for 2018
Swimmers participate in the New Year's Day Loony Dook swim at South Queensferry in Scotland, Britain, January 1, 2018. Source: Reuters/Russell Cheyne

Experts have many tips on how to make good New Year’s resolutions: set a really low bar, make it measurable, do it in the morning and forgive yourself for the slip-ups on the way.

Students are not exempt from this annual tradition of promising to be better versions of ourselves every time a new January comes around. On Twitter,  there is a whole spectrum of goals students are setting for 2018.

But how do their resolutions measure up against the experts’ tips? Will they achieve glory or are they doomed to fail? You be the judge:

1. The perennial dream of productivity: Slaying procrastination. 

2. The ‘Go Big, or Go Home’ long list of lofty aims.

3. The one planning to change the world.

4. The one that dares to see the great beyond of post-college life.

5. The one that’s already given up before anything’s started.

6. Another one that’s already given up before anything’s started. (Extra marks for valiant effort).


7. The realistic one that understands market forces.



8. The one dealing with other types of physical “forces” after a night of debauchery

9. The Mission(s) Impossible


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