New scholarships announced for international students in Canada
These Canadian PhD scholarships are excellent choices if you are an international student planning to study in Canada. Source: Ali Tawfiq/Unsplash

Global University Systems Canada is offering one year’s financial support to international and domestic students at the Toronto School of Management, University of Canada West and Language Gallery to help students get a respected qualification and progress their careers.

The Live Our Vision Education – or LOVE – scholarships will be awarded based on academic potential, leadership skills and community involvement, helping students gain industry-relevant higher education.

The scholarships are designed to be accessible to as many students as possible, delivered in conjunction with Global University Systems’ (GUS) broader development strategy, reports The Pie.

“Canada is a popular destination for higher education, and is an attractive reality for people looking to start a career,” Chief Academic Officer Maurits van Rooijen told The Pie.


“This scholarship will give domestic and international students alike the opportunity to gain industry-relevant qualifications for a variety of sectors, bringing them closer to local and global businesses.”

Canada is growing in popularity as a study abroad destination, known for its comprehensive post-graduation employment opportunities and a stable political climate.

Living costs are estimated at CA$15,000 (US$11,700) per year according to QS Top UniversitiesThis compares to an estimated US$14,700 worth of living costs per year to study in the US.

GUS institutions are also widening their network for students by collaborating with international universities. This should increase opportunities for both overseas and Canadian students to study at partner institutions.

Toronto School of Management has signed an agreement with South China Business School from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies to provide joint programs in tourism and hospitality, business and language training.


Canada offers world-class education and breath taking nature. Source: Shayd Johnson/Unsplash

The Language Gallery Canada has also begun a partnership with Justo Sierra, an education group with nine campuses in Mexico. Cyndi McLeod, CEO of GUS said the partnership would allow degree graduates to explore MBA programmes at the University Canada West.

“[These agreements] show that our institutions are becoming more and more attractive for prestigious partners,” McLeod added.

“We’ll continue working to grow our network and presence in Canada and beyond, to create more opportunities for our students.”

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