New Mexico Military Institute: A unique and fulfilling student experience
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New Mexico Military Institute: A unique and fulfilling student experience

“The NMMI experience is one of daily growth, change, challenge, and opportunity – the kind of opportunity that enables our cadets, and faculty and staff, to learn new things, to meet new people, to exchange ideas, and to debate current and future issues.” – Jerry W. Grizzle, PhD, Major General

The idea of leaving home to study in a different city or country can be a nerve-wracking – especially for those who are particularly close to their families. One thing we know for sure is that parents only ever want the best for their children, especially when it comes to education. As the intake for college applications grows increasingly competitive, it really does pay to stand out from the crowd with a unique and world-class education.

While many parents have reservations about sending their child to boarding school, a survey has shown that 78 percent of boarding school students are better prepared for the academic demands of college when compared to their private day or public school counterparts. Not only do these institutions prepare students for life in higher education, they also build character and nurture children into competent and responsible individuals.

There are many advantages attached to the boarding school setting, but if you’re seeking a unique and fulfilling experience for your son or daughter, why not think about military school? Apart from providing much the same benefits as boarding schools, these academies integrate military principles into their diverse curricula.

At the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI), staff believe in providing students with practical leadership opportunities, empowering them with responsibility and authority as they develop into leaders of character. Ultimately your children will learn invaluable skills that prepare them for college and beyond.

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Founded in 1891, the New Mexico Military Institute is a college-preparatory high school and junior college that employs the military model to educate and train students. Although NMMI shares many similarities with the country’s Service Academies and state military colleges, approximately 80 percent of its graduates have civilian careers at either the local, state or national level.

As the only state-supported co-educational academy with military discipline in the U.S., the NMMI hosts a diverse community of students from 43 states, the District of Columbia, and 13 foreign nations. Read on to find out why the NMMI is well-suited to your child…

An all-inclusive campus with top-notch facilities

Offering a well-rounded program for an affordable price, some parents find themselves questioning the quality of what’s on offer at NMMI. Even though you may be paying significantly less, by no means does this compromise value for money, and you can rest assured that your child will receive the best in terms of education, accommodation, and facilities. The academy offers outstanding academic facilities, including the Toles Learning Center with its learning resource center, academic computer center, 200-seat lecture hall, a library encompassing a 68,000 volume collection, classrooms and Student Assistance Center.

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Here, students participate in physical education with a special focus on lifetime sports or extracurricular activities like chess club, concert and jazz bands, speech writing, string ensemble, pre-med club color guards and more. To accommodate the diverse student interest, the school boasts a wealth of state-of-the-art amenities that include a physical education building, The Godfrey Athletic Center for Excellence (GACE) which has four basketball courts, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, gymnasium, 12 tennis courts, a running track, football and soccer fields, and more.

The unconventional study location

When it comes to visiting the U.S., New Mexico is a location that’s often overlooked, which is part of what makes it such a unique place to learn. Known as ‘The West Point of the West’, NMMI is located in Roswell, a place rich in history and tradition, yet modern in its teaching and learning methods. And while the state might not pose the glamor of California or the allure of Washington, it still has plenty to offer prospective students, from sandy deserts to the Rocky Mountain playgrounds.

The school’s location presents a one-of-a-kind blend of culture, history and adventure that most students would not have previously experienced. Whether it’s travelling across the landscape in a hot air balloon, cruising the mountains on speedy snow skis or soaking up the Chile-infused cuisine, studying at New Mexico will open your young one’s eyes to new experiences that can’t be found in a city environment. Pus, as the fifth-largest state with a population of just two million people, New Mexico is actually one of the least populated states in the country, and the ideal place in which your child can learn and grow.

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An institution that builds character

NMMI’s focus on qualities like honor, integrity and responsibility contributes to its unique academic philosophy. Here, students at high school and college level participate in leadership training through the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) and ROTC programs, respectively.

If you’re aiming to send your children to a school that offers more than a high-quality education, look no further than the NMMI. Set in a lovely state and emblazoned with excellent facilities, there’s no doubt that here your child is in good hands. This is a school that inspires children to become future leaders and thinkers, something they’ll find tremendously beneficial throughout their future days.

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