New Mexico Military Institute: Study at a leading U.S. college with a global community
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New Mexico Military Institute: Study at a leading U.S. college with a global community

The results of the 2016 presidential elections have left students concerned about whether they should continue to pursue a higher education in the U.S. A report by U.S. News shows that some international students feel uncertain about their future, largely due to the president’s controversial views regarding immigration. Students from countries like China, India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia are also worried about rising visa issues, and how these could affect their ability to complete their studies or find meaningful work after graduation.

Though the worry may seem silly to some, it remains undeniably valid, as two main factors that influence a foreign-born student’s decision to study abroad in a particular location is the country’s attitude towards international students and the ease of getting a visa.

Francisco Contreras, 24, who was born in Mexico before moving to the States, told the U.S. News that he has never felt more out of place than after last year’s election. “You create networks in the area you go to school,” he says. “If I see the president of a country doesn’t want me there, how do I know that society – and most important to international students, employers – want me there?”

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Due to the uncertainty among non-native students, many U.S. institutions have made it a point to emphasize that election results do not have any bearing on the ethos of the school. The President may have made his personal views painfully obvious, but many universities have released statements to assure current and prospective international students that everyone is welcome.

Among the institutions that strongly believes in a diverse and international community is the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) in Roswell, New Mexico; the only state-supported co-educational college preparatory high school and junior college in the U.S.

With approximately 1,000 students from 44 states, the District of Columbia, and 36 foreign nations as of 2016, the high school and junior college has a diverse global community that educates the leaders of tomorrow through unparalleled academic programs and leadership training. Here, staff enable students to develop through a list of challenging subjects and topics in a structured learning environment, also providing the chance to participate in an extensive range of opportunities.

The NMMI’s unique academic program combines a four-year college preparatory high school curriculum with a two-year junior college. Instead of transitioning through high school and later, junior college, NMMI students benefit from a smooth, six-year learning experience at a single institution. No NMMI student is restricted by rigid curriculum conventions, but is rather able to progress in-line with personal abilities; high school students, for example, have the option to pursue junior college-level classes, allowing talented cadets can advance to university at a much faster rate.

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Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association, programs offered at NMMI can lead to a high school diploma, or even Associate in Arts or Science degrees. The Institute currently encompasses four separate divisions: the Division of Social Sciences and Leadership, Business and Criminal Justice, the Division of Mathematics and Sciences, the Division of Humanities, and the Division of Health and Physical Education.

Throughout their time at this respected school, students have the privilege of speaking one-to-one with tutors, as the NMMI fosters small class sizes with a low student to teacher ratio. Each student is assigned an academic advisor who assists with any education needs, monitors their progression, and since the institution serves as a platform for graduates to continue their studies at a reputable tertiary university, academic advisors even help with college or university applications.

Over the years, the majority of NMMI graduates have gone on to pursue a higher education at several outstanding universities, including Penn State, Stanford, Rice, Cornell, the University of Texas, Arizona State University, the University of Colorado, and the nation’s Service Academies. But the NMMI education has also seen graduates go on to pursue a career in fields like business, industry, public service, education, or even a career in the military.

One of the many perks of a military-based education is the fact that you get much more than just a well-rounded education. The NMMI believes in the value of character building, training students not only to be global leaders, but also gracious citizens instilled with honor, integrity, and responsibility.

NMMI students undergo leadership training through the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), but are also given the chance to gain a deeper insight later on through their junior college education. The program also offers students the chance to receive a commission in the U.S. Army through its two-year Early Commissioning Program.

Despite a structured regime, it’s not work and no play for students at NMMI. The School boasts a vast athletic department that provide a wide range of facilities, from an 18-hole golf course to the Cahoon Armory Building, the Godfrey Athletic Center, the NMMI Ballpark, the NMMI Football Field, the Stapp Parade Field/Soccer Field, and beyond.

On top of this, students at the NMMI compete in sports like basketball, track and field, football, baseball, tennis and swimming – just to name a few. Intramural sports play a big part for students at NMMI, and for those who possess a real passion for all things athletic, there’s always the chance to participate in state-level competitions.

It’s not often you find an institution that goes all out to ensure it produces leaders who are smart, honorable, and responsible. At the NMMI, students gain so much more than just knowledge and academic certificate – they also gain leadership skills that make them incredibly employable among all prospective employers. The NMMI does not just represent world class academics; it’s a guarantee for great graduate prospects that run long into the future.

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