So, how much rent do you have to pay at Australia's top 5 study destinations?
They're reportedly trying "non-legislative" means to bring those cuts to life now. Source: Shutterstock

Staying amid government buildings will cost you more than half of what it costs to stay near Darling Harbour or the famed Sydney Opera House, apparently. recently released data on the costs of student accommodation worldwide through “2017 Global Student Accommodation Indicator”. New York topped the list as the most expensive city, and Auburn (Alabama) the most affordable based on average weekly rent.

Bringing it Down Under, the student consultancy found international students spend an average of AUD268 (US$200) weekly on rent –  a figure that would be less steep if there were more student-focused housing.

Australia’s landlord relationship manager Sofie de Vreese said, “With the exception of Canberra, by international standards, the existing purpose-built student accommodation across Australia’s main cities is at very low levels.

“This low supply in combination with increasingly strong demand means the prices are pushed up.”

Advice for students hunting for places to stay? Start early.

“When it comes to finding affordable housing, our advice is the same to students no matter where they’re heading,”’s founder Luke Nolan urged.

“Students should always start searching as early as possible and do ample research. Last minute searches are at serious risk of facing a lack of options and rushing to book without doing adequate research.”

Here is the breakdown of the top five Australian study destinations and how much you can expect to pay for rent weekly in each city:

1. Sydney – US$285 (AUD382)

Sydney Harbour Bridge. Source: Reuters/Jason Reed.

Highest rent = AUD825, Lowest rent = AUD129

2. Melbourne – US$258 (AUD345)

Centre Place. Source: Shutterstock.

Highest rent = AUD1000, Lowest rent = AUD155

3. Adelaide – US$218 (AUD292)

Adelaide Festival Centre. Source: Shutterstock.

Highest rent = AUD199, Lowest rent = AUD160

4. Brisbane – US$213 (AUD285)

Brisbane City Beach. Source: Shutterstock.

Highest rent = AUD550, Lowest rent = AUD130

5. Canberra – US$124 (AUD166)

Parliament House. Source: Shutterstock.

Highest rent = AUD690, Lowest rent = AUD122

Happy house hunting!

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