Move your career forward with an LL.M. from the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC)
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Move your career forward with an LL.M. from the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC)

To take her legal career to the next level, Cristina Hernandez-Marti Perez chose to leave her native Spain behind for a year and study in Europe’s Intellectual Property (IP) capital: Munich, Germany.

Her aim was to not just get the European perspective of this in-demand legal specialisation, but a global understanding of IP and competition law.

That’s when she discovered the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC):

“MIPLC offers a 360-degree, fully-accredited Masters of Law (LL.M.) in Intellectual Property and Competition Law,” she said.

“While studying for my LL.M. in the highly international landscape of Munich, I learned about patents, trademarks, designs, unfair competition, jurisdiction and conflict of laws, licensing, trade secrets and more; all from a European and global perspective.”

An industry-focused IP programme for the future

From day one, MIPLC prepares you for your future career.

“When you arrive, you share an office with three or four other students, and your classroom is just at the end of the office corridor,” says Cristina.


Placed in a close-knit community made up of learners – law graduates and science graduates alike – from all four corners of the globe, Cristina learned how to bridge cultural divides. With access to a wide array of legal databases, she learned how to work effectively with the tools of her trade.

“When you become an IP attorney, you’ll work with attorneys from all over the world, so MIPLC prepares you for that and encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone,” she adds.

MIPLC also provides LL.M. students with tutors who are MIPLC graduates. They act as mentors, helping to review lectures, answer questions and assist with exam preparation.

As Cristina said, “The people you meet during and after your LL.M. at MIPLC will be there for you throughout the duration of your career.”

This also helps to build an international network of colleagues and friends by the time you graduate.

In fact, Cristina’s LL.M. class included 38 students who came from around 20 nations in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. What’s more, having students with a law background and others with a science background in your class introduces you to the different perspectives on any given topic.

“It’s not a regular LL.M. programme. After starting it, you’ll soon realise that MIPLC is a home away from home and will be a family you can depend on throughout your life.”

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Cristina Hernandez-Marti Perez. Source: MIPLC

Cristina also found the MIPLC learning culture fascinating.

During her LL.M. experience, she benefited from her professors’ various teaching styles.

For instance, in addition to classic lectures many professors use group discussions to deepen students’ global perspectives, whereas others offer practical, hands-on workshops to help students prepare for future workplace scenarios.

“MIPLC also makes sure you get your syllabus in advance and welcomes you to visit the Max Planck Institute Library — I encourage you to do that as often as you can as it is the most complete IP and Competition Law library in the world!” says Cristina.

A community that supports you and your legal career

Munich is the ideal place to study IP law as it’s home to the European Patent Office, German Patent and Trademark Office, German Federal Patent Court and many companies that are heavily IP-dependent, such as Siemens and BMW.

Outside of the classroom, LL.M. students get to meet renowned scholars and practitioners from all over the world who conduct presentations on current industry trends through the MIPLC Lecture Series.

Plus, MIPLC offers LL.M. students an optional internship through the Center’s extensive network of sponsors including patent law firms, corporations and international IP institutions — so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to expand your legal expertise in Munich.

“I was an attorney already before attending my LL.M., but living in and studying at MIPLC gave me the specialisation I needed,” said Cristina.

Her LL.M. at MIPLC also gave her the industry exposure, insight and network to kick-start the next stage of her career.

“The MIPLC alumni network is one of the most powerful assets MIPLC offers. Through the annual MIPLC Alumni Conference or at MIPLC international get-togethers we collaborate with MIPLC graduates from other classes.”

“Among us, we know that we can always trust an MIPLC graduate, as we know how much effort this person has gone through to complete the programme.”

So if you want a legal education that lasts and a learning community that you can lean on — move your career forward with the LL.M. programme “Intellectual Property and Competition Law” at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC). A supportive network of students, professors and alumni is awaiting your arrival.

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