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A Jesuit school is a place where the students and staff members are cared for and respected. They cultivate environments where natural talents and creative abilities are celebrated; individual contributions and accomplishments are just as appreciated. Schools that are rooted in the Jesuit values of education understand, challenge, and support their students so that they grow to be fulfilled members of society.

One such school that has been part of this rich history of Jesuit education is Mount St Mary’s College. The origins of this proud school go back to 1620 when Jesuits were teaching in secret, as Catholics were outlawed. After the Catholic Emancipation Act, Jesuit education returned, and the College of Mount St Mary was formally opened.

Nestled in the beautiful countryside of Derbyshire, The Mount is today a home away from home for children aged three to 18 years old. Just a stone’s throw away from J30 of the M1, it is only an hour’s drive away from York and Lincoln, and only half an hour’s ride to the A1. Major airports in London, East Midlands, Manchester, and Leeds are within easy reach. It is easy to see why many parents of international students find this a convenient and idyllic place for children to grow into the fullness of the school’s Jesuit vision, becoming good “Men and Women for Others.”

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At Mount St Mary’s College, students aim for excellence in all areas of their learning journey at the institution. Source: Mount St Mary’s College

Families will be happy to know that as well as The Mount’s strategic and scenic location, the institution also ensures a smooth transition for international students – the English as an Additional Language (EAL) classes and examinations dramatically improve pupils’ proficiency in the language. This enables them to live their best lives throughout their time at the College as well as prepare them for life beyond The Mount, especially if they plan to pursue their higher education in the UK or in other English-speaking countries.

While The Mount has many unique selling points that attract families from all over the world, the biggest reason why this co-educational school is a popular choice is due to the fact that students of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome to enrol. Despite being known as a Catholic school, The Mount puts the pursuit of excellence above all else — to produce grateful, generous, learned, and wise graduates full of conscience, compassion, and competence.

For Italian student Nicolo Milanesi, The Mount is basically his second family. “It is lovely to see people from different countries having fun together. Everyone makes me feel so special and loved,” he shares.

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Mount St Mary’s College is known for its robust sporting tradition as well as its state-of-the-art facilities. Source: Mount St Mary’s College

The culturally diverse boarding community is what makes life at The Mount wholesome – it is a place where children from various continents engage in a rigorous academic curriculum and co-curricular activities. This is why The Mount boasts exceptional facilities such as sporting fields and an Olympic-standard athletics track, where students can participate in various sports like rugby, hockey, netball, and cricket. A swimming pool and a fitness gym are available for student use as well.

Little wonder that The Mount’s students boast sporting prowess. Every student is encouraged to participate and compete in activities outside of the classroom, and this practice has yielded good results – its rugby team won the U18 Vase at Twickenham in March. “For all our teams and athletes, it is about ‘Mount Spirit’,” explains Dylan Campbell, the Head of Sports at The Mount. “We play way above our league.”

The heart and soul of The Mount

Music is an integral part of life at The Mount. The music department offers outstanding tuition, programmes and events, maintaining superb reputation for the quality of its concert schedule. Specialist music teachers guide students in many different instruments, preparing them to play with a full orchestra in the end of year concert. Performance and theory examinations (ABRSM, LCM and RockSchool) are offered, as is Music as a subject at both GCSE and A Level.

Armed with this solid foundation, many students of the music programme go on to do fascinating things – just this year, a student secured a full scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge. Some are playing at the BBC Proms and even in the US.

“We offer our pupils numerous performing opportunities, allowing our young people to develop in confidence and expression. Our department has a very strong reputation for standards of performance in the local area with many of our pupils achieving success in local and national, ensembles, orchestras and choirs,” says Cross Campus Director of Music Lucy Kitchener.

“We love seeing our pupils grow as musicians and we’re looking forward to many more performances in the future.”

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