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Meet the changemakers of public policy in Australia

In Australia, one university is fostering tomorrow’s agents of change.

As the world faces unprecedented crises, the Australian National University’s Crawford School of Public Policy (Crawford School) is helping to rebuild and work towards a more sustainable future.

As Crawford School Director Professor Helen Sullivan says, “We seek to generate ideas and insights and produce professionals with the potential to enhance public policy, in Australia, the region, and around the world.”

“Crawford School is one of the most dynamic public policy schools in the world, with diverse and academically distinguished lecturers whose research and practice inform our teaching.”

With its expert faculty, Crawford School is paving the way for policy makers, providing in-depth analysis on how Australia, and indeed the world, can move forward in the aftermath of the recent, climate-driven events.

Professor Frank Jotzo, Director of Crawford’s Centre for Climate and Energy Policy, recently spoke of the importance of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework, prepared within the Department of Home Affairs.

climate change

Source: Australian National University, Crawford School of Public Policy

“It argues for better anticipation of future disasters in the context of climate change, and for more integrated decision making… we need to plan ahead, provide the resources as they come, invest in infrastructure and raise capability” he wrote.

Professor Warwick McKibbin AO, who heads Crawford’s Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis (CAMA) recently wrote that, “The key is to have something that will lead to reductions in Australia that can be leveraged on the global stage to demonstrate to the world that even a carbon-­intensive economy like Australia can actually decarbonise relatively cheaply”.

Influential engagement in public policy debates only explains one way the School is at the forefront of addressing global challenges.

In addition to pursuing pioneering research, Crawford School also delivers high quality education. Two postgraduate programs, delivered by some of the region’s most important researchers, are the Master of Climate Change and Master of Environmental Management and Development.

climate change

Source: Australian National University, Crawford School of Public Policy

The Master of Climate Change program offers significant breadth and depth of study in climate change science and policy, including economics, law, policy and governance aspects. The program addresses the multiple dimensions of climate change through access to world leading experts in climate science and policy.

The Master of Environmental Management and Development focuses on the intersection of environmental and development challenges – the program allows students to deepen their critical thinking skills, to learn new analytical techniques and to master the contextual, interdisciplinary knowledge required to understand these processes.

Sanjay Pariyar, former employee of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Nepal, and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Nepal, witnessed the devastating impact of climate change on his country’s people and ecosystems firsthand.

Some villagers struggled to get even a single drop of water, forcing them to migrate. Watching the physical, cultural, social, emotional and spiritual consequences of climate displacement profoundly impacted him and drove him to apply to Crawford School.

climate change

Source: Australian National University, Crawford School of Public Policy

“What I found really useful about doing the Master of Climate Change, was that you could focus on both policies and real-life application by combining courses from Crawford and Fenner School,” he said,

“At Crawford, you find a multicultural environment, and you will find world leaders in their respective fields teaching climate change courses. If you’re interested in climate change, you must come study at Crawford.”

“These two years have been the biggest achievement of my life. The Master of Climate Change will be hugely important for me in getting my dream job with one of Nepal’s climate change projects. I am confident that the knowledge and skills I gained studying at Crawford will help me support vulnerable people in Nepal in the future.”

Crawford School offers graduate degrees and executive programs in areas that include public policy, applied economics, public administration, environmental management and security policy and is home to influential publications including the journal Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies, and publications such as East Asia Forum, Dev Policy Blog, Policy ForumSolutions, and Advance.

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