McNeese State University: Study business in the hub of global energy innovation
McNeese State University

As the first choice for students and employers, McNeese State University in Louisiana is where businesses grow, global energy innovation thrives and learners develop into career-driven candidates.

By pairing business-based aspirations with the internationally-recognised College of Business, students have the chance to expand their knowledge outside the classroom through internships, service-learning programs and the college’s strong ties to the surrounding community.

Placed in the heart of a region that’s experiencing an economic boom as natural gas and petrochemical companies continue to expand capital projects, the College of Business could connect you to future-focused roles in Louisiana and beyond.

A business location like no other

Labelled a ‘Top 10 State for Doing Business’, according to the Area Development report for 2019, Louisiana successfully links diverse learning communities to diverse business opportunities.

Reviewed by the Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, the results effectively demonstrate how Louisiana continues to be a great place for doing business.

“Building momentum based on our strong performance in attracting business investment to our state. Louisiana is delivering a skilled workforce, backed by low energy costs, outstanding logistics and a business-friendly environment that supports business success. With our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at an all-time high and employment remaining at a near record-high level, we are appropriately being recognised as a top state for doing business,” notes the Governor.

But apart from being a hub of business and global energy innovation, what else drives students through the McNeese University gates and straight into the College of Business?

global energy innovation

Imogen Hull

For business student, Imogen Hull, it was the diverse learning community that the College of Business provided and its valuable connections to the international business sector.

“From freshman year, I was exposed to a wide variety of classes within the College of Business that helped shape me as a critical thinker, a collaborative learner, and a confident professional. And the opportunity to take these classes early in my College career allowed me to test drive each major, while guidance from my professors led me to choose accounting.

“The College of Business is a diverse community with many international students, which allows us to share unique perspectives and experiences during class discussions. The connections I have fostered with peers and professors have been my favourite part of my experience at McNeese, because the learning has gone far beyond textbooks and PowerPoints,” Imogen explains.

Concise internships with lifelong insight

Built into the business infrastructure at McNeese, internships are another integral part to students’ journey at the college.

And for marketing student, Brian Flanagan, internships from the College of Business were viewed as career game changers by the campus community.

“My first experience of attaining an internship for experience through the College of Business came at the beginning of my Junior (3rd) year. After three years of hard work I wanted to get out into the world of work.

global energy innovation

Brian Flanagan

“Around this time McNeese had just appointed a new internship director too, Ms. Morgan Turpin, who helped me to overcome the challenges with paperwork pertaining to me being able to be authorised to work in the United States. After two, three-month stints at the local chamber of commerce and a credit union, I took up my job at GOPHR (Technology App) at the beginning of my senior year,” he outlines.

Granting students the chance to chase golden graduate outcomes, there’s no shortage of career-building opportunities at the McNeese College of Business.

Looking back on his experiences, Brian is thankful for the actions the faculty took to help him truly exceed his professional expectations.

“The staff don’t simply hand you what you need to know on a plate just so you can leave the room. They provide the opportunity and the tools necessary to achieve great things, and I could not be more grateful for all that they have done to help me during my four years at McNeese,” he reiterates.

Good return on academic investment

McNeese Accounting, Finance and Economics programs prepare graduates to meet the challenges of global forces, conflicting values, changing technology and demographic diversity among employees and customers.

On top of this, its Management, Marketing and General Business Administration programs prepare graduates to meet the challenges of a fast-changing and increasingly global business environment, how else does McNeese State fulfil students’ academic investments?

Hosting the prestigious Hult Prize 2018 Competition, labelled as the world’s largest university competition that offers student teams an opportunity to win US$1 million, McNeese State University brings business students to the forefront of innovation.

Nischal Aryal (left) and Brian Flanagan (right) at the Hult Prize 2018 Competition

Sharing perspective, Hult Prize President at McNeese State University, Nischal Aryal from Nepal, is proud to represent an initiative that helps launch for-good and for-profit startups emerging from university campuses, supporting the most radical and breakthrough ideas to solve the world’s toughest social challenges.

“I always feel lucky and proud to be part of this social movement and got an opportunity to represent my university in a global arena. Last year our team successfully organised on-campus Hult entrepreneurship competition. We received tremendous support from the McNeese Foundation, Student Government Association, McNeese Business Department, and all the faculties in making this event huge,” notes Nischal.

So, whether you’re the next best eco-leader in global energy innovation, a motivated marketer with illustrious links to the Louisiana business sector or a future-facing entrepreneur with a million-dollar idea, McNeese State University is where your professional destiny unfolds.

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