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The benefits of student-centered learning are becoming more prevalent in today’s interconnected society.

An outcome-driven approach, student-centered learning shifts the focus to the learner so they can better develop independence and take responsibility for their own performance.

By doing so, students are able to develop certain skills that enable lifelong learning, such as independent problem-solving and critical thinking.

They acquire the confidence to pursue their goals during university, positioning them as valuable employees in competitive workplaces.

At McNeese State University in Louisiana, USA, along with a student-centered approach, students have a multitude of opportunities and unique programs at their disposal so they can develop their full potential.

Not only is this an affordable school for international students, students graduate ready for the future as they place emphasis on career-focused outcomes.

By offering scholarships, unique and specialized labs, internships, student business pitch competitions and faculty-student research, students at this school are supported in their journey to their future careers.

Developing budding entrepreneurs

International students at this school are shining examples of McNeese’s mission in “changing lives through excellence with a personal touch.”

Ben Nguyen

For example, Ben Nguyen (known as Benny) from Vietnam started his own business, Bookstop, just two years after starting at McNeese, thanks to the support provided by the university.

According to Thriveswla, he never regretted choosing McNeese for the welcoming environment it provides to international students.

He also maximized the internship opportunities available through his academic program to get the most out of his student experience.

Benny, who holds a minor in entrepreneurship and graduated summa cum laude in 2014, said, “It took a huge effort from my family to go to college. For the last four-and-a-half years, I spent my time right. I’m pretty excited. Earning a degree and growing his business is my chance to show some return on the investment. I am very thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had.”

The business pitch competition offered by McNeese was instrumental in helping Benny achieve his dreams.

He had already done plenty of legwork by building a contact base, engaging family members to become start-up investors, investing all his savings into the business and riding around town in a bicycle to save money, but he got the big break he needed when he won McNeese’s first business-pitch competition in 2013.

The competition is meant to inspire and support future business leaders just like Benny. One of Benny’s previous instructors told Thrive, “We truly believe that the entrepreneurial spirit in Lake Charles, McNeese and the five-parish area is doing well and only going to increase as the area grows and prospers.”

From then on, he was able to leverage on the resources offered by the business incubator located on campus in conjunction with the Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance (Chamber of Commerce).

Supporting international students

Another student from Vietnam who is currently studying at the university echoed Benny’s sentiments when it comes to the opportunities offered at McNeese.

Tho Tran is studying Chemical Engineering and he vouches strongly for the course because of the hands-on learning that students get to do.

He told Study International, “I love my degree because it provides not only useful knowledge that we need, but also an environment to work and practice what we learn. Students are free to use the Laboratory to develop and practice new ideas. Additionally, interesting projects are given frequently to help us practice working in groups efficiently.”

On why he chose to study at the university, he said the affordability for international students was enticing, as well as the quality of the programs.

“McNeese is famous for its highly qualified degree programs, including Chemical Engineering – what I am currently pursuing. Besides, the tuition is affordable with lots of scholarships being offered,” he explained.

Just like Benny, Tho Tran finds that McNeese is an extremely international student-friendly university.

“Studying at McNeese, I sometimes forget that I myself am an international student because people don’t treat me as one. My classmates, my professors, my co-workers and people around me are extremely friendly and helpful. They see me as a friend, just a “friend” without any labels, and it shows that they don’t treat me differently based on my accent and the differences in cultures.”

These student testimonials prove that McNeese State University is ideal for international students looking for a school that not only prepares them for the future academically, but also provides hands-on tools for them to become entrepreneurs and dynamic thinkers in the workplace.

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