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McMurry University: Personalised support in the safe community of Abilene, Texas

Language and culture barriers can be unnerving when considering studying in the US. McMurry University sophomore Ingrid Percino knows all too well the apprehension she felt before arriving in Abilene, Texas — but Percino is right at home now. “McMurry is like my second family,” she shares. A double major in marketing and psychology, she is grateful for the individualised attention that she gets from all her professors, staff, and classmates.

Born and raised in Southern Mexico, Ingrid didn’t know if she’d go to university in Mexico or the US. She was attending high school at Lydia Patterson Institute in Ciudad Juarez when she was introduced to McMurry. “My high school played a big role in guiding me to McMurry,” Percino notes. “I feel blessed because I could never have afforded McMurry without generous scholarship support.”

Preparing to study in the US may create challenges for some potential students, from getting a visa and Social Security number, to getting access to healthcare and vaccines. Ingrid recalls how the McMurry staff supported her and helped her navigate through all the paperwork to ensure she could begin her studies at McMurry. “Ms. Rachel actually helped me understand the needed documents and even drove me to offices,” she explains.

Percino also worried about the language barrier that might crop up while attending classes in the US. She was reassured when she first attended class and found her professors to be supportive and helpful. “I had a professor who also had an accent,” she remembers. “Thinking it might be hard for me, he told me to stop him any time I didn’t understand.” She also saw that her classmates supported her and offered help when she needed it. She’s even joined a social club that’s allowing her to expand her friendships.

McMurry University

A McMurry education is transformative. Source: McMurry University

A daughter’s or son’s McMurry education can truly transform an entire family. As a first-generation student, Ingrid is motivated to make her family proud. “It will be a really big thing for me to graduate,” she shares. “My parents encourage me because they know it is the best thing to ever happen to me.”

McMurry should be in your educational future

McMurry University’s school song emphasises the line “the pride of our Western Prairies.” Its greatest source of pride is its students and how they transform their lives during their time at McMurry. Outside of class, sporting events, social clubs, art shows and theatrical productions create a rich tapestry of involvement and accomplishment. You’ll earn your degree and gain life-long benefits from your McMurry experience.

The university offers a broad curriculum in the arts, sciences, social sciences, business, kinesiology, music, and theatre with over 45 majors and many minors. The school is recognised for excellence, ranking fifth in Best Value Schools, 13th overall in Best Regional Colleges, and ninth in Top Performers in Social Mobility by US News and World Report. The business school is a member of AACSB and is seeking accreditation.

McMurry faculty and staff focus on developing human capital in students so they thrive during the Fourth Industrial Revolution (the revolution of digital convergence). The educational curriculum emphasises developing team skills and working with others to produce the optimal outcomes in predominantly face-to-face classrooms. “We set the stage for life-long learning and cater to students of all ages,” says Dr. Paul Mason, Dean of the Johnson School of Business. “Because our classes are small — five to 15 students — each student receives individualised attention and encouragement.”

McMurry is proud of the diversity of its student body. The university has a significant number of first-generation college students. It attracts second and even third-generation legacy students back to the university to pursue their dreams. Numerous athletes choose McMurry and participate in the 21 NCAA varsity sports. McMurry also supports a competitive eSports team. There are many ways to get involved, and almost everybody knows everybody by their first names.

McMurry University

McMurry University is located in the “Big Country,” boasting horses and cattle sprinkled across the large open spaces. Source: McMurry University

McMurry strives to inspire and transform students. One of the university’s most recent innovations is within the Johnson School of Business (JSOB), which radically changed its core curriculum. “The new student plan increases flexibility for students,” said Dr. Mason. “Students have the opportunity, within the standard 120 hours, to take one or more certificate programmes to enhance the marketability of their McMurry degree.”

Dr. Mason shares that the business school is adapting its instructional mode to imitate the real world, turning to “learning by doing” focused studies to enhance the educational experience. The JSOB has an endowment to increase student clubs’ opportunities, study abroad, and speaker series, exposing students to outstanding academic and entrepreneurial orators.

More than 11,000 McMurry alumni, including students from Mexico, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and elsewhere, will tell you that they gained tremendous value from their education at McMurry.

Safety and community support in Abilene, Texas

Abilene is the largest city in West Texas. It has a safe, small-town feel, with numerous things for college students from the three local universities to do, including museums, art galleries, restaurants, bars, rodeos, and other social gatherings.

While Abilene may seem quaint and small, the region is known as the “Big Country” with picturesque landscape; with the scenery boasting horses and cattle sprinkled across the large open spaces. The climate is dry, with the spring and fall climates considered delightful. Temperatures rarely fall below freezing. Join us and you too can take “pride in our Western Prairies” and from your degree earned at McMurry.

Deadline fast approaching

The June 1, 2021 deadline is fast approaching for Fall 2021 classes. Click here and learn more about McMurry International Studies programme.