study groups
The proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”, rings true for MBA students, who rely on study groups for their success. Source: Julian Stratenschulte/Pool/AFP

Are you planning to enrol in an MBA programme? Depending on your course, you may have a predetermined study group where you share the same schedule with a group of students and can expect to work together on assignments. 

Study groups serve as a useful platform for MBAs to connect with other students about their lectures, projects and coursework. Many business schools encourage discussion through team projects and course-specific study groups. Thanks to technology, even distant learning MBAs can easily join them, helping students network with other students. 

If you’re curious about their benefits, here are five reasons why study groups are important:

study groups

An MBA isn’t designed to let you succeed on your own — teamwork is an essential part of the process. Source: Frederick Florin/AFP

Learn from each other

You might have heard that MBA students learn as much from their classmates as their professors. Study groups enable you to work with students from different professional backgrounds — be it marketing to business and healthcare — which will give you an opportunity to learn from diverse perspectives on business problems. 

This is in addition to working and learning from those of different nationalities for a global perspective. The array of views and opinions exposes you to new ideas and gaps in your knowledge that can contribute to your success. 

Build your leadership skills

Study groups can facilitate leadership development. You will have to learn to assign tasks for group projects, practice good communication with all members, share perspectives, give constructive criticisms, to name a few, which are things people in a leadership position do.

Stay on track

It’s easy to procrastinate when you’re studying on your own or to get sidetracked with work and personal commitments during the programme if you’re a part-time student. Study groups, however, can help you stay on track and motivate each other to stay on course.

Study groups can help you succeed in your MBA programme

MBA programmes are rigorous, and students may find that they don’t excel in all areas of their study. Study groups, however, allow you to leverage each team members’ strengths and weaknesses, so you can receive help from those who are strong in one area. In return, help your team members in areas they are weak in. Drawing from each other’s expertise acts as a support system that can help you to succeed in the programme.

Builds camaraderie

Rather than work in silos and carry the weight of the world on your shoulders as you cope with the rigours of the programme, study groups can help you build camaraderie with other students, act as a support system and a chance to have fun with each other throughout the programme.