Here are the best apps in 2017 to help you conquer maths
Math can be overcome with some help from these apps. Source: Shutterstock

Having trouble with math homework? Think it’s because you’re just not born with “math gene”, the ones your classmate who scored ‘A’ in calculus was born with?

Well, here are two pieces of good news for you. One, the ability to do maths isn’t genetic. As these two lecturers have found out through their years of teaching, everyone can do high school maths, so long as they are willing to put in the hard work, preparation, and self-confidence.

Two, technology has been kind to us student folks through the creation of many apps to help us get better at maths. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has come up with a list of the best math apps for 2017.

“Our purpose is to provide you with some handy and easy access resources you can integrate into your instruction and help your students and kids enhance their learning,” the site wrote.

Here are the 24 best math apps for both iOS and Android:

iOS Apps Android Apps
Wolfram Alpha Socratic – Math Answers
and Homework Help
My Math Flash Cards Khan Academy
Mathmateer Mathematics
Math Board CK12 Practice Math
and Science
Motion Math GeoGebra Classic
Geoboard Graphing Calculator + Math
Sushi Monster Math 42
Math Bingo Geometry Pad
Math vs Zombies Mathway
Mystery Math Town Photomath
Elementary School Math Math Papa
Math Tappers Cymath

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