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Masaryk University: World-class medical programme in a vibrant student city

A bustling hive of culture and history, Brno (located in Czech Republic) possesses a charm unlike any other cities in Europe. It’s where the scientific mind of Gregor Mendel revolutionised the field of biology, and renowned composer Leoš Janáček produced timeless operatic masterpieces that are still widely performed today. With a mixture of theatres, sports centres, and cultural festivals, the modern Brno is a brilliant reflection of its eclectic past of art, industry, and science. It is a welcoming city characteristic for its safety and friendly atmosphere.

It’s little surprise then that Brno has become a university city that is home to over 80,000 local and international students. At the heart of this academic hub is Masaryk University, the second-largest university in Czech Republic, and one of the most prestigious and respected higher education institutions in Central Europe. Known primarily as a university for life sciences, the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk enjoys an illustrious reputation globally for its English-language degree programmes in General Medicine and Dentistry.

Advanced training within cutting-edge facilities

A medical degree can be notoriously costly, which is why Masaryk is the perfect choice for international students to kick start their journey into healthcare. Getting an education at Masaryk is a value-for-money investment: English-language degrees at the Faculty of Medicine are very affordable, while the cost of living in Czech Republic is lower than the average cost in the European Union.

Graduates of Masaryk’s medical programme can work nearly anywhere, as the degree is fully-recognised in the US, European Union, and many other countries worldwide. The university offers pre-exam support to students taking the US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), including preparatory seminars and studying specialised publications from the university’s library. The USMLE exam content is already integrated into medical study programme’s curriculum, preparing students way ahead for a successful outcome. As a bonus, the university awards those who pass their regular exams with a scholarship that covers the USMLE fee.

Masaryk University

The brand-new Simulation Centre houses over 1,000 simulators, two operating theatres, a delivery room, intensive care units, and rooms for teaching through 3D simulators. Source: Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University

When training future doctors, having state-of-the-art facilities for practical training makes a world of difference in a students’ overall educational experience. Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine, truly delivers on this front — its ultra-modern campus is directly linked to the teaching hospital, where students’ learning is enhanced through hands-on experience.

The gem of the medical faculty, however, is the brand-new Simulation Centre (SIMU). One of the most advanced simulation centres in Central Europe, it arms students with all the tools they need to succeed in real-life practice. Here, mistakes are welcomed as part of the learning process, as training through simulations enables students to train in the most complex of surgical procedures without jeopardising the lives of patients.

Masaryk University

Realise your dreams to become a doctor at Masaryk University, one of Europe’s leading medical schools located in vibrant Brno. Source: Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University

Standing at 8,000 square metres, SIMU houses over 1,000 simulators, two operating theatres, a delivery room, intensive care units, and rooms for teaching through 3D simulators. The building is equipped with lecture halls and classrooms, on top of the latest medical equipment and teaching models that replicate realistic environments to familiarise students with day-to-day work in a hospital setting.

There’s even a heliport at the top of the building for students to learn about the proper course of action in medical emergencies and evacuation cases. Through attentive lectures and instructions, students hone their soft skills in teamwork, crisis management, effective communication following a patient-centric care model, alongside mastering advanced medical knowledge.

Aspire big in a welcoming environment

Masaryk University

Where the best and brightest take part in an innovative medical education. Source: Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University

Without a doubt, the greatest strength that makes the medical faculty at Masaryk shine is its people. The faculty is a tapestry that brings the brightest minds from different cultures together, creating a supportive community where everyone feels like they belong. You’ll have the opportunity to build meaningful connections with peers from all over the world, including medical students from continental Europe, the UK, the US, India, and Japan.

At Masaryk, students are always pushed to become the best versions of themselves. With over 100 years of history, the university is only getting better to meet future challenges with sustainable solutions that are powered by impactful research. Brno’s reputation as a top 10 student city in the world as ranked by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), as well as its ratings as the second-best city in Europe makes it the perfect place for you to embark on a journey of self-discovery while getting an outstanding education.

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