Marywood University: Inspiring tomorrow’s business leaders with global innovation

Marywood University: Inspiring tomorrow’s business leaders with global innovation
Dimitri Thompson (left) and Kendall Farrell (right)

Motivated by progressive student spirit and engagement, Marywood University and its School of Business and Global Innovation enable learners to seek sustainable solutions for the common good and educate global citizens to live responsibly in an interdependent world.

Connecting business with innovation, both undergraduate and postgraduate students here are encouraged to enrich their entrepreneurial talent with insightful study programmes and industry experience.

Understanding the most in-demand skills that business students require for today’s competitive industries, Marywood matches their professional aspirations with courses that will advance their future careers.

Top-Ranked Business Programmes

Recently named one of the 30 Top 2019 MBA Information Systems programmes by, a source for unbiased college rankings and higher education planning, Marywood continues its top-ranked reign.

Further burnishing its image, Marywood University’s College of Professional Studies was recently notified that its Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme secured a top spot in’s Top 50 MBA Schools rankings due to its valuable academic and career resources for MBA students, the quality of education in business, dedicated faculty members, and more.

“Marywood University offers its MBA programme on its 115-acre Scranton, Pennsylvania, campus and fully online. The online classes are delivered live for those who have the time to view them as they happen, providing the chance to participate with professors and cohorts in real-time discussions that are also recorded—so you can access them whenever it’s convenient for you,” notes.

Another advantage to joining forces with Marywood University and its School of Business and Global Innovation is that Marywood is the only institution in the region that offers a bachelor’s degree in aviation management.

Granting you the chance to combine aviation management with a business degree, pilots working in the field today find that having a business degree is a great asset to their professional career advancement opportunities.

Tyler McAlpine

Following his passions to become a pilot, Marywood aviation management student and veteran Tyler McAlpine understood the value that a hybrid business degree would bring to his career.

“I was looking at the bigger picture. I knew that I could have played football in college, and earned a degree by doing so, but, for me, I was looking to grow as a person, with a goal in mind of maturing and finding what I was most interested in pursuing,” he explains.

With a wide range of high-quality academic programmes on offer at Marywood, there’s something to suit all business students’ aspirations.

Marywood Student Motivation

Sought-after by multi-national enterprises and influential international organisations, Marywood graduates are highly employable.

Aviation students are regularly attending networking events organized by their on-campus Aviators Club and are visited by airline recruitment teams from companies such as Republic Airways and ExpressJet Airlines. Additionally, the School of Business and Global Innovation regularly holds speed networking events with local professionals and alumni to provide students with invaluable networking opportunities.

Always giving back to the community, Marywood business students use their skills to get ahead in both the world of business and the world of social good.

For example, the university’s Accounting and Finance Club held a “Money Matters” workshop at the Boys and Girls Club of Northeastern Pennsylvania, where Marywood business students taught Boys and Girls Club members (ages 10-14) about the importance of savings and checking accounts, how to start saving once they get their first job, and how to learn from budgeting activities. This is extremely valuable education—how many among us can proudly say we were taught the merits of financial management at such an early age?

Perhaps it is this clever balance between business, innovation, and social good that leads to graduate and undergraduate students consistently winning top awards at international competitions or, if not that, it could be due to the university’s outstanding CPA pass rate.

Dr. Speicher with the Student Winners of the Business Competition

Either way, business courses such as the International Business (BBA) programme or the Marywood MBA programme prepare students for multiple career opportunities in various sectors of multi-national enterprises.

Thus, leading Bachelor graduates to rewarding positions in global marketing, international finance, and management of international operations, and MBA graduates to obtain positions and promotions at companies including: Discovery Channel, Sanofi, Lockheed Martin, Kraft, Met Life, Topps, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Wells Fargo.

World-Respected and Recognised Faculty

Paired with your chosen programme, Marywood introduces its business students to a full-time and part-time faculty full of innovative executives and researchers.

Globally-recognised, you’ll be led by a forward-thinking team of professionals that have made a great impact on the local business community and beyond.

For instance, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Marywood University Kerimcan Ozcan was recently notified that his paper, “Offerings as Digitalized Interactive Platforms: A Conceptual Framework and Implications,” has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 Shelby D. Hunt/Harold H. Maynard Award.

Endowed through the generous support of Shelby D. Hunt and others, this annual award recognizes the article published in the Journal of Marketing (JM) that make the most significant contributions to marketing theory in a given calendar year

Alongside a remarkable faculty of business practitioners and innovators, Marywood’s alumni community and current students also stand out from the crowd.

That’s why senior business students at Marywood University, Dimitri Thompson and Kendall Farrell, are gearing up for their Kickstarter Campaign. By putting forward entrepreneurial initiatives with their Uni-Glide System, the pair have made a great difference on campus by establishing the Marywood Shuttle Service.

“Sister Mary, President of Marywood University, always says that she will make time to meet with anyone, so that’s what we did. We made an appointment to meet with her and presented our idea,” Dimitri and Kendall explained.

With arms open wide, Marywood University and its School of Business and Global Innovation welcomes students that are in all stages of their career.

Whether you’re just starting out and looking for a Bachelor’s programme to boost your business knowledge, or you want to elevate your role with extra expertise through a reputable Master’s programme, Marywood has it all.

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