Marywood University: Master the world of business and aviation management

Marywood University: Master the world of business and aviation management

Situated in Scranton, PA (two and a half hours from New York City and two hours from Philadelphia), Marywood University has made its mark on the education sector by sustaining a strong commitment to providing the necessary skills for a successful and fulfilling career.  Teaching students to live responsibly, the university provides a caring, stable and safe environment for students to develop their professional and personal growth. Many universities prepare students for life, while Marywood prepares students to live fulfilling lives.

Easy Application Process

If you want to simplify your studies and spend less time with degree administration papers, you’ll be pleased to hear about Marywood’s easy application process. Unlike other universities in the USA and worldwide, there are no application fees. To apply, it’s free and there are no hidden costs! It also doesn’t require any standardized tests, such as the GMAT or GRE when applying for a business programme.

As well as valuing your finances, Marywood also values your time. As soon as you submit your application online, the university staff will be quick to review and will rapidly respond with a formal decision. There’s no need for an international credential evaluation or time-consuming procedures, yet the administration team may reply to your application with a few friendly questions.

Depending on your selected program, the university can issue an admission decision in just two-three weeks. The review of your application will be made via electronic copies of supporting documents and if you have any questions, then you can email the team via this address:

“To be honest, I had hundreds of thousands of questions about scholarship opportunities, admission process, documents submissions etc.,” says Batima Shagiyeva, a recent Marywood alumna. “The remarkable thing is that despite the time difference of 10-11 hours I always received precise and transparent answers from Marywood’s staff with an unprecedented pace.”

Boost your Business mindset with Marywood 

To progress your business mindset, you may choose to take your studies the next level with a Marywood Business Program. A diverse collection of graduate level courses helps you develop your managerial style and leadership skills with its innovative School of Business and Global Innovation.

By welcoming many international students over the years, this department at Marywood is the best place to invest your time. Through a flexible curriculum, students can create their own concentration of focus. For instance, in the Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MS-MIS) program, students have the opportunity to choose four courses from a set of twelve for their concentration and may also choose an additional three courses consisting of electives.

Following on from Marywood’s vision for academic freedom, their Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree also allows students to study from a range of subject areas. With concentrations in finance, investment and management information systems, there are plenty of topics to stimulate your business brain power.

Or, if you’d rather build on your knowledge of healthcare administration and organizations, you can opt for the Marywood Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) degree. With incredible internship opportunities up for grabs, there’s a lot to gain from this graduate program!

Fly High with Marywood Aviation Program

If you’d like to steer your business studies towards a different direction, you should take a look at the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Aviation Management. As one of the only few universities in the United States that merge aviation with business, you’ll acquire the leading advantage with Marywood.

With an experience faculty, you’ll be receiving first-class training from the very start of your degree. By taking your training at the Wyoming Valley Airport (KWBW), you’ll successfully obtain official licenses and ratings that are required to become an authorized airline pilot, military pilot or aviation manager.

To support your learning, Marywood supplies students with a high-tech flight simulator. As a crucial part of training, learners have the chance to utilize this facility and fly straight into the path of success.

What’s also great about this multidimensional Marywood course is that you have a business degree to fall back on if you decide to change your career. By combining both business and aviation, you’ll get the best of both worlds and feel ready to take control of your future.

What do Marywood students say?

As student life at Marywood is very much focused on personal growth and holistic development, learners often graduate with a multitude of valuable life skills and the motivation to join the working world.

“The Marywood community is very student and individual focused. With its small class size, students receive more attention from faculty, which benefits international students as we land in a foreign country.” – Marywood alumna, Sook Jinn “Dianne” Leow.

“Small classes mean you have more interaction with the students and professors. Also, you will be able to concentrate more on the information, including discussions, lectures, and presentations.” – Marywood alumna, Lujing Zhou.

“The faculty members are extremely friendly and available when you need them. Most of them keep in touch even after the course is over. My experience with my professors there was marvelous, and that seemed to be the same for my friends.” — Marywood alumna, Rebin Zhikani.

With prime programs in business development and aviation management, aspiring Marywood students appreciate the simple application process. As the graduates mention above, the university understands the complexities of moving abroad to study and supplies international students with the support they deserve. That’s why Marywood University places your priorities, aspirations and prospects first.

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