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Marymount International School London: A community that welcomes you back, wherever life takes you

Belonging to a community can bring immense comfort and support. It provides a sense of safety, knowing that you have a reliable and trustworthy network to turn to during life’s toughest moments. The beauty of belonging lies in the endless opportunities it presents for growth and self-discovery, as well as the invaluable guidance and advice that can steer you towards a brighter future. The alumnae of Marymount International School London know this feeling all too well.

Part of a network of schools directed by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, Marymount is all about empowering young women. The founder of Marymount School of New York in 1926 outlined their vision succinctly: “The aims of a Marymount education are manifold: to educate the heart and mind, and to provide for each student’s total growth, intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically.”

Marymount International School London

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This vision officially travelled to the UK in 1955. In London, Marymount opened its newly-varnished doors to girls between the ages of 11 and 18, offering a genuine International Baccalaureate experience from start to finish. Over the years, the school has achieved above-average examination results and outstanding college placements, propelling it to rank among the world’s top 10%.

Director of Development and Alumnae Relations Adriana Williams has been with the school for four years, and can attest that while Marymount evolves consistently in line with our world’s ever-changing demands, it remains transformative for students and graduates alike. Spearheading community relations and fundraising, she notes her favourite part of the job is listening to the stories so eagerly told by the dynamic young women of this truly connected community.

“Hearing what the school means to them, hearing wonderful childhood memories or the impact of teachers on life experience, and how their school changed their life, this is what a great education is about,” she says.

Each time a girl bids Marymount adieu, the connections she’s cultivated within the school often remain. These bonds are lifelong. “A strong alumnae network is about connection,” explains Williams.

“What we may all feel, but rarely reflect on, is the enormous social and psychological benefit of feeling connected to others as humans with shared life experience. Forming friendships, whether for just a few moments or lifelong, hugely benefits our well-being. Marymount is a small school community, and as such, we recognise the importance of building strong connections as a solid foundation for the physical, social, spiritual, and academic formation of each person.”

The journey doesn’t end once the foundation is laid. What keeps alumnae coming back? Williams sums it up in three words: Relationships, memories, and love. Over the years, she’s witnessed several thriving alumni return to the school that made them — merely to thank their educators, advise current students, reminisce in their favourite classrooms, and ensure their once-bedrooms are just as they left them.

“The majority of our alumnae boarded at the school, and for them, Marymount was their home away from home, where students became their sisters and staff became surrogate parents,” enthuses Williams. “As with any family, the tales told around the table are always entertaining!”

Marymount International School London

Source: Marymount International School London

Some come back to impart valuable knowledge as guest speakers, sharing their professional experiences with young girls hoping to one day follow in their footsteps. For example, they’ve graced STEAM days, graduation ceremonies, assemblies and events hosted by universities with their presence. To further provide students with insights into their respective fields, returning members of the community also leave bits of themselves behind by writing articles or blog posts for the Marymount Matters magazine. “Marymount women are very generous with their time,” says Williams.

Off-campus, bonds remain strong. Marymount alumni often stay in touch to share job openings, career advice and mentoring. Since building a strong network is crucial for professional success, it’s little wonder why all graduates view the Marymount network as a valuable resource that stays helpful throughout adulthood. After all, there’s no such thing as being too aware or absorbing too many perspectives. Hence why discussions are passionate during the nostalgia-filled weekend otherwise known as the Marymount Annual Alumnae Reunion, which welcomes thriving women back to the campus they know and love.

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