The Manchester College: How a state-of-the-art college campus inspires student innovation

The Manchester College: How a state-of-the-art college campus inspires student innovation
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The pursuit of higher education can seem quite a daunting challenge – especially if you’re not sure about which college to apply to. You may know what you want to study, but settling comfortably upon an institution where you’d like to spend the next three years of your life can be tough when there are so many factors to consider. Do you go to a college that has a long history and a spectacular reputation; one that is famous for teaching your subject of choice; or one that is set in a stunning world location?

A quick ‘Google search’ and you’ll find that the top factors education websites advise students to consider are course content, learning style, academic reputation, and graduate employment. And while these factors are all excellent points to consider, they no longer stand as the sole factors prospective students should evaluate. In the digital age of learning, there are new aspects that students may not previously have considered, but now they really should as the education landscape continues to evolve.

As a non-native student, your chosen college or university will soon become a ‘home away from home’, so it’s important to pick a place that where you know you can truly excel. Therefore, the tertiary institution you choose should be one that goes all out to ensure students don’t just gain an excellent education, but also a wonderfully memorable international student experience. This is a philosophy most tertiary institutions agree with, as demonstrated by a recent JLL report which shows that schools are making more of an effort to attract students to their college campus.

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“The focus today is very much on the student experience,” says Tim Harris, Director of Project Management at JLL. “[Colleges] are looking to provide cleaner, crisper learning environments which are becoming more like modern offices with space for open plan group collaborative working. Technology is a big consideration in the use of building materials with the massive surge in WiFi bandwidth demands and the transient campus population moving from work space to live space.”

With so much time and money invested into your education, you should aim to find an institution that also inspires creativity and student innovation. At The Manchester College, studying is just one part of the student journey. As stated on its website, life at college is so much more than just sitting inside a classroom, so the College aims to provide a learning experience that prepares students for further study and success in the working world.

“[Students] will have access to some of the best college facilities in the country,” says Lisa O’Loughlin, Principal of The Manchester College. “We have great campus buildings, custom-built automotive workshops, industry-standard training restaurants and hair and beauty salons, high-tech recording studios, media suites and great live performance venues, as well as an established sports academy programme, fitness suites and sports facilities across the city.”

With a wide-range of courses, specialist industry facilities, and a state-of-the-art campus, the College creates career opportunities in the heart of Manchester city. No matter what your background, age or ability may be, The Manchester College aims to inspire, fulfil your dreams and provide you with a rewarding career through its employment-focused programmes. As the number one education provider for ages 16 to 19 in the Greater Manchester region, it’s the perfect fit for eager students fresh out of secondary school. The College provides a vibrant spectrum of academic courses, including A Levels, vocational courses and degree programmes.

For students aged 19 and above who would like to further their education to a more advanced level, The Manchester College represents the ideal choice. Here, courses are developed with the help of employers to ensure they are as relevant as possible to your unique career goals. Choose from a list of foundation degrees, ranging from 3D Modelling and Animation for Games and Media to Sports Coaching or bachelor’s degree programs that cover subject areas like performing arts, health and wellbeing, business, and creative & digital media, just to name a few. The institution is also an option for people who are looking to sharpen their skill set or change careers by offering vocational-based qualifications.

If you’re thinking of applying to The Manchester College, here’s what you need to know:

It has an extensive support network

One of the most terrifying things about starting college is the thought of flying solo, but at The Manchester College, staff remain present throughout your journey, from the initial course search to helping you find a work experience placement. The careers and welfare team ensures no student is left behind, offering support, guidance, and advice wherever they possibly can. Services provided include careers advice, chaplaincy, childcare & nurseries, personal tutors and supported learning.

Image courtesy of The Manchester College

Outstanding facilities

From traditional classroom facilities or common amenities for leisure, we know one thing for sure: that The Manchester College aims to provide the very best for its students. You’ll benefit from fully-equipped modern classrooms  with high-performance computers, each with good quality, bespoke software to aid you throughout your time at the College. Students also use podcasts, Skype, Moodle, and specialist online software for case studies and examinations, on top of having IT suites and library resources that are free and ready to use.

Outside class, students can enjoy the many unique facilities from the College’s 11 campus spaces, strategically located around Manchester. From its award-winning restaurant to its very own performing arts facilities, you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained throughout the weekend period. The college also has its very own beauty facility that includes commercial salons, barbering shops, beauty therapy rooms and make-up studios.

It’s not often you find an academy that provides such a comprehensive student experience. From well-balanced courses and a wide-range of facilities to extensive support for students, your time at The Manchester College is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

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