Mälardalen University: Producing career-ready graduates through industry-aligned curricula
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Mälardalen University: Producing career-ready graduates through industry-aligned curricula

Born and raised in New York, Abigail Fecura was unable to complete her bachelor’s degree in business administration without international exposure. Hence, her decision to venture to Mälardalens University (MDU) in Västerås, Sweden. In no time, she could no longer envision life anywhere else.

“I had the best time, so I took a year off and decided to work,” she says. “Ultimately, I wanted to do my master’s here because it was where I felt the most comfortable and it was affordable since I am looking to work in Sweden after my studies.”

The allure of MDU’s International Marketing programme was immediate for her. She was drawn to its multinational cohort and its emphasis on global perspectives and strategic insight into consumer behaviour. Plus, MDU was renowned for its emphasis on hands-on learning and employability.

True enough, within the programme, Fecura found her academic passions ignited by courses that imparted theoretical knowledge and provided practical experiences. For example, in the Consumer Marketing course, she and her peers were tasked to assist a budding small business in Västerås to bolster its consumer base.

“The owner listened to our advice to help improve the flow and bring in new consumers. Not many other universities share this opportunity, but we are fortunate to have had it here at MDU,” she says. “We theoretically brought a company to Sweden and had to understand the laws and regulations tailored to the government. It is enjoyable to try because it could be something you would have to do after graduating.”

Upon graduating, Fecura aims to remain in Sweden and land employment with an international business in the marketing sector. Source: Mälardalen University

Fecura’s academic pursuits at MDU were not confined to the classroom. They extended to research activities that offered deeper insights into the international marketing field. Engaging in studies ranging from strategic decision-making simulations to collaborative projects on sustainable development goals, she experienced first-hand the symbiotic relationship between research and education within the programme.

It’s exposure like this that prepares students for the challenges they may encounter in their future professional endeavours. Yully Rincon Franco’s transition from MDU student to thriving engineer proves it. Her journey from Columbia to Sweden was fuelled by a dual ambition: to experience gender equality and to learn in a leading country for renewable energy technology.

The Master in Sustainable Energy Systems stood out to her for its comprehensive curriculum. “It provides plenty of opportunities for curious and motivated students,” she says. Guided by well-prepared teachers, she delved into cutting-edge material and updated tools. Lessons went beyond the classroom too, with MDU providing ample opportunities for research projects and industry collaborations.

MDU’s mentoring programme paired Franco with an “inspiring and energetic” female engineer who generously provided valuable career advice and even invited the then-student into her workplace. Source: Mälardalen University

From visits to district heating plants and solar panel fields to guest lectures from experts in the government and the private sector, immersive experiences not only enhanced Franco’s understanding of sustainable energy practices but also cultivated valuable professional relationships.

“I had the opportunity to see first-hand how creative and well-used engineering has been applied to build a society that respects and preserves nature,” shares the graduate. “For example, the clean public transportation in Västerås with Biomass was a topic we studied within the programme.”

Franco’s time at MDU definitely paved the way for her current role. Upon graduating, she landed a job in Sweden as a performance engineer for gas turbines, providing recommendations to optimise turbine performance while adhering to stringent safety standards. Her work directly contributes to the efficient operation of gas turbines, minimising downtime and maximising energy output.

Indeed, MDU is a catalyst for career success, boasting expert leadership and renowned research in six specialised areas that address societal challenges while advancing Swedish industry. Notably, its research in Future Energy and Embedded Systems ranks among the world’s best.

The best part is that it welcomes students of all aspirations, thanks to its diverse academic lineup. Apart from the EFMD-accredited Master’s in International Marketing and the Master’s in Sustainable Energy Systems, MDU also offers a Master’s in Global Strategy and Management programme that covers contemporary challenges and developmental issues relating to globalisation, digitalisation, and sustainable development. Meanwhile, its online Master’s in Environmental Engineering for Sustainable Development equips students with advanced knowledge of environmental challenges while covering the ins and outs of addressing them.

Even undergraduate programmes unlock the full MDU experience, which is filled with experiential learning opportunities. For instance, the three-year Bachelor’s in International Business Management provides exchange programmes that transport students to universities in other countries, enabling them to develop their intercultural competence and language skills.

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