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Make an impact in finance with online Certified Expert Courses from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

In a world dealing with a climate crisis, companies and countries are scrambling to achieve greater resilience and sustainability. The financial sector plays a key role in making this possible, though such considerations have yet to become mainstream. Only 34% of organisations are aware of this trend and expect it to impact their planning, budgeting and forecasting processes, according to a Deloitte report.

The world is telling businesses to change and many companies aim to become more responsible. They know it’s crucial for their bottom line, as well as to meet the expectations of customers, employees, investors and regulators.

Enter the Certified Expert Courses by the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. These are 100% online short courses that can put professionals ahead of the curve through practical insights and expertise in burgeoning fields such as Sustainable Finance, Sustainable Agriculture Finance, ESG and Impact Investing and Climate & Renewable Energy Finance.

They are the ideal upskilling programmes for busy professionals. With a six-month part-time format, each strikes a good study, work and life balance. This allows professionals to continue their full-time work with little disruption to their other obligations. And these courses are just as flexible in their scheduling. Students set the pace and create their own schedules. There are only a few set deadlines to meet.

Such flexibility allows working adults to keep learning, which is crucial for them to navigate changing labour markets in an increasingly digitalised economy. The Future of Jobs Report 2020 by the World Economic Forum found that 94% of business leaders expect employees to pick up new skills on the job. In a world where only about 40% of adults, on average in OECD countries, take part in formal and non-formal job-related training annually, the Certified Expert Courses stand out for how they effectively remove address time, scheduling and location barriers so that working professionals can reskill and upskill.

The best part? As students learn highly practical content, they can directly apply newfound knowledge in their daily work and make an immediate impact. Frankfurt School is known for its dedication to providing high-quality education that enhances job performance — and its Certified Expert Courses are no exception. The training approach is centred on international best practices, incorporating real-life examples from around the globe. By focusing on practical implementation and providing tools and guidance, these courses give instant relevance to current jobs or round out resumes to compete for new positions.

“Sustainability is very important because we have to assess the carbon risk in our calculations. It’s a positive experience, especially because this is an online course,” says Sabine Lafon, business analyst at BNP Paribas’s Sustainable Finance Department. “It’s very flexible and adaptable to each professional and private situation. I think it’s very beneficial because I can gain a different approach to my daily work and gain expertise and a basic understanding of the topic of sustainability. It also helps deepen my knowledge and gain more expertise in sustainability.”

Source: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Source: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Online programmes are popular and effective in helping adults meet their educational and career goals. Being readily accessible lets such programmes attract a wider range of students — which diversifies classes and adds global perspectives to discussions. Such outcomes could explain why a 2018 survey found that 86% out of 1,500 graduate online students found that the value they obtained from their online degree equalled or exceeded what they paid for.

With over 10 years of experience in offering certified expert courses online, Frankfurt School has honed, finetuned and expanded its virtual offerings. Currently, the school offers Certified Expert Courses in five languages and in areas pivotal to the successful implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These include Risk Management, Corporate Governance & Compliance; Financial Inclusion Policy; Digital Finance; Climate Adaptation Finance; and more. Each course is carefully crafted to provide practical, hands-on content that equips professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their respective fields.

What sets Frankfurt School apart is its comprehensive coverage of the entire spectrum of sustainable finance. Students learn beyond theoretical concepts, dive deeper into economic and societal perspectives, while also considering the individual viewpoints of businesses, investors, and decision-makers. This way, students can develop a holistic understanding of sustainable finance and its impact on various stakeholders.

Frankfurt School’s commitment to excellence is evident through its accreditations from esteemed organisations such as AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. These accreditations validate the quality and relevance of their programmes, ensuring that students receive a world-class education that aligns with international standards.

That’s not all. Completion of these certified expert courses count towards the prestigious Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance (online) and the Diplomas in Financial Inclusion or Green Finance (blended), offering students with further avenues for advancement and specialisation.

21st-century training approach and materials

The learning journey of each Certified Expert Course starts with video lectures, which provide students with a thorough overview of each topic. These lectures offer a basic understanding of the subject matter and enable students to assess the importance and relevance of different techniques and aspects within a broader context. Complementing the lectures are web-based presentations that provide additional insights into key topics, boosting understanding and providing a well-rounded learning experience.

To assess comprehension and progress, each unit concludes with an online test consisting of 10 to 15 multiple-choice questions. Successful completion of these tests grants students access to the next unit, ensuring a structured learning process. For most courses, the primary study material is a PDF script that encompasses the fundamental concepts and principles relevant to each unit. This comprehensive resource serves as a valuable reference throughout the course.

Applying knowledge immediately is crucial to successful learning. Therefore, mandatory assignments are integrated into the online courses, so that students can put theory into practice and solidify their understanding of the subject matter.

To foster interaction and facilitate knowledge exchange, Frankfurt School provides a course discussion forum where students can engage with trainers and peers, share experiences, ask questions, and seek clarifications — all of which can only enrich their overall learning experience.

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