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Determined to see his home country Nigeria flourish socio-economically, Emeka decided to make a change on his career path by switching to a position in the Development Finance Department.

Determined to improve his knowledge and develop skills to succeed in his new role, he looked for universities with expertise in sustainable and development finance and found Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

Its online Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance was exactly what he was looking for. The curriculum was highly relevant and the online, self-paced format allowed him to combine learning with full-time work and family commitments.

“From where I stand today, I am happy with my decision,” says Emeka. “Recently, I moved up into the international development space – working for a multilateral development bank and will be managing projects across countries – with a bigger portfolio and more responsibilities. I know the future looks even brighter.”

Source: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Frankfurt School is one Europe’s leading business schools for education in finance and management. Source: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

With broader awareness of sustainability issues intensifying, the range of degree programmes and courses offered by universities around the globe has certainly widened.

Being committed to international advisory services in development finance as well as in climate and sustainable energy finance projects for more than 20 years, Frankfurt School has long recognised the need to address the academic gap.

However, reaching remote regions and countries where demand for these expertise is greatest, seemed to be a challenge. What started out as a pilot project turned out to be the key to success. In 2010, Frankfurt School launched its first online course “Certified Expert in Microfinance,” which was closely followed by other crucial topics in development finance such as SME Finance and Agricultural Finance before diving into Climate and Renewable Energy Finance, Sustainable Finance and many more.

Today, Frankfurt School offers 16 Certified Expert courses in five different languages, in areas pivotal to the successful implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

As the world grapples with perhaps its greatest ever financial and social crises, we will turn to the next generation of leaders, who are tasked with handing the transition to a sustainable global economy and managing a better and more prosperous financial future. for all.

This is where Frankfurt School’s online Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance comes in. A fully-fledged postgraduate degree, the programme has been carefully curated for aspiring leaders who are passionate about making real change for a better future.

Source: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

The Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of sustainability. Source: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Designed to build skills and expertise at the intersection of finance, sustainability and economic development, the programme combines foundational knowledge in several core areas of finance and leadership.

Students customise their own curriculum, following either the green finance track, which focuses on low-carbon economic transition, or the development finance track, focusing on a growth agenda and inclusive finance.

The flexible, self-paced online format allows students to not only follow the programme whenever and wherever they choose, but also lets them shape their own study schedule around their full-time work and professional development.

Some additional highlights include the international and diverse classes and lecturers who are active all around the world, providing endless networking opportunities.

For Martijn, these features were a blessing. Whilst working as a consultant, he was looking to pursue a career that focused on finance as well as social and environmental impact.

The online and flexible format from Frankfurt School’s programmes first attracted his attention, as he did not want to compromise his full-time work. During his journey, he had the chance to orientate his career in the desired direction and could start applying what he learned almost right away.

Joyce, another alumna of the programme, finds the virtual offerings “superb.” “Although it is an online programme, it sure feels like learning on campus. The course structure, deadlines for quizzes and assignments, quick response to e-mails, and webinar sessions with opportunities to interact and ask questions are all designed to give the student a feel of classroom learning,” she says.

If you are looking for a highly relevant and flexible academic programme offered by a top business school but do not want to make any compromises on your professional development, then Frankfurt School’s online Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance is the programme for you.

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