lisa blackpink
Lisa from BLACKPINK was born to a Thai mother and also has a Swiss stepfather who's a well-known chef. Source: Rich Fury/AFP

There’s a trend on the rise and it’s not just Lisa Blackpink’s “LALISA” dominating charts and hearts. It’s the fact that most emerging K-pop stars and groups have at least one non-Korean member. BLACKPINK, a great example, has Lisa who hails from Thailand

She’s not the only one either. There’s Sana, a Japanese K-pop star with the girl-band Twice, Priyanka setting records as the first Indian female to be a K-pop star, and Kriesha Chu who is a popular Filipino-American solo singer. 


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Now that you know everyone stands a chance at becoming a K-pop star, you can expect entertainment companies to continue their talent search outside of South Korea. But training to become one doesn’t come without a lot of perseverance and grit. 

It takes years of training in singing, dancing, staying fit and of course, you have to have a personality the world will love. The good news is there’s a school that offers programme tailored specifically for those who want to be the next K-pop idol: KPOP Art School.

K-Pop stars programme

This school’s programme offers private courses to train you to successfully pass auditions to be a K-pop star. There are monthly and weekly courses available and if you’re looking to improve your singing or to replicate Lisa Blackpink’s clean movements, joining their programme would be a good shout. 

How to apply

You start with submitting your application form and paying the programme fee. Next, after signing up to the Korean Accreditation System (KAS), you have to gather the required documents. 

This includes a copy of your passports, an agreement form if you’re below 20, a photo of your upper body, a dance video and a copy of your flight information. 

What you’ll get

KPOP Art School offers five to eight private auditions a month. This means big entertainment companies such as JYP Entertainment (responsible for idols like Boy Story and Itzy) will drop by to see your performance. 

You can also practise (since, in this case, it does make you perfect) freely at their dance studio on weekdays and weekends. Not to mention, you’ll have to brush up on your singing skills with private vocal lessons.


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In a month, expect to audition, take part in group dance lessons as well as private ones, vocal lessons and have your accommodation sorted. Your airport pickup and dropoff is also included in this programme. 

Pathways to higher education if you think you’re the next Lisa Blackpink

Being a K-pop star doesn’t mean you can’t earn a degree as well. KPOP Art School has uni pathways you can sign up for an undergraduate degree programme for four years at either Seokyoung University or Hanyang University. The fact that you have further career opportunities is a huge win.