Life hacks for college students
Check out these college life hacks. Source: Bench Accounting/ Unsplash

College life is often associated with buzzing social scenes, new found independence and unforseen stressful situations.

On a personal journey, every day will present new lessons and you’ll be faced with a range of challenges to overcome.

To help you along the way, here are a few life hacks for college students to take into account before or during your college experience.

Before starting college, remember to pack these tips up too! Source: Tim Gouw/Unsplash

Check out student forums

Online student forums can really help you out!

From regular student discount postings to shared study playlists like the one featured above, these digital meeting spaces truly have it all.

Before you attend your chosen college, be sure to sign up to a highly-rated student forum and converse with fellow students. This is where you can ask last minute questions about your upcoming experience or even save some money with exclusive student vouchers.

Create a zen space 

For this hack, you have to ask yourself, “What chills me out the most?”

If it’s art, it’s a great idea to grab a bunch of mindful colouring books for college and dotting them around your dorm room to unwind on more hectic days.

Or, if it’s meditation, why not add a yoga mat to your dorm room and take a few moments for yourself in the between busy lectures.

Design a vision board

Mapping out your goals on a vision board is a creative way of monitoring your progress throughout these academic years.

Sometimes, we get sidetracked by social events and activities, but having a visual reminder as to why you wanted to go to college in the first place and where you hope to be after graduation serves as great motivation.

You can display this in your dorm room or keep it hidden away. Either way, its the perfect inspiration of your academic aspirations.

Lean towards a sustainable future

Integrating sustainable living methods into your daily routine at university means that you’ll be prepared for an eco-friendly future.

An essential life hack for college and beyond, your actionable steps can help pave the way towards a future that fights climate change and values sustainability.

The time to act is now and it’s essential that education systems engage with eco trends.

So, to get ahead, why not hold onto this life hack and do your part to save the planet?

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