Learn online and thrive at the Carlson School of Management

The Carlson School of Management’s location in the dynamic business community of Minneapolis and St. Paul makes it a hub of knowledge and experiential education.

But modern life is busy, complex, and increasingly competitive – a fact of which the Carlson School is all too aware. While its campus-based courses create pathways to success, so too do its distance and online formats, providing elite yet flexible options for working professionals keen to refine existing expertise or launch new careers.

“The challenges of today’s business landscape are increasingly complex and leaders need the latest tools to address them,” says Linh Gilles, director of admissions and recruiting for Carlson’s renowned MBA catalog.

“Now those leaders can access a top-ranked, globally recognized MBA education – no matter where they live. Our Distance MBA program provides the flexibility students need while extending access to the high quality of learning and career advancement opportunities the Carlson School is known for.”

The cutting-edge Distance MBA allows for the completion of the Carlson MBA through courses delivered purely online, also granting students the chance to interact with the Part-Time MBA community. As one of the nation’s most flexible MBA offering, on top of being placed 11th in the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Part-Time MBA rankings and third for average salary increase among top-ranked business schools, the Carlson Distance MBA promises a world-class curriculum structured to the needs of busy professionals.

And unlike most fully online programs, this MBA cleverly incorporates an in-person component that allows students to draw maximum value out of their degrees. Students select a minimum of two campus-based experiences among a broad spectrum of relevant and exciting opportunities. Why not attend an industry-facing orientation? Participate in a case competition? Or even enroll in a condensed or evening on-campus course? Whatever you decide, you will form valuable connections.

Current Part-Time Program student Marcus Bolen, a former captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, has taken a handful of online courses while balancing his schoolwork with a full-time job at a California-based manufacturing startup. He was bracing for a solitary experience: independently working his way through a syllabus.

“But with the classes at Carlson, you’re still tied in with your class,” Bolen says. “You need to check in, you need to post video comments, so it actually brings you in and helps with the discussion, which I think is important, especially in business school. The side discussions are a lot of times just as valuable as everything else that’s going on.”

Rand Park is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship For the past seventeen years he has taught ethics courses and presented executive training on ethical decision making to a number of professional offices and groups.  The Ethical Environment of Business, a required online core course in the Distance MBA program, is taught by Rand Park.

“Taking an online course helps these students learn how to be productive and effective through an online portal.  Now that we live in a world where we collaborate with people who aren’t in the same physical space, it’s an important skill for future leaders to develop.”

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