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Source: Boston Business School

With current rates of inflation and the increasing cost of living, your ability to save for a comfortable retirement can be cause for concern. Unfortunately, there’s no get rich quick formula.

But strategies for wealth accumulation need not be daunting or mysterious. More often than not, successful retirement plans are achieved through hard work and careful planning.

Luckily for you, Boston Business School in Singapore is offering a new course in the Principles of Wealth Accumulation.

Principles of Wealth Accumulation is the first of a two series programme on wealth accumulation and management exclusively available at Boston Business School, a highly accredited private institution established in July 2004. The school is located in the very accessible Bugis area.

Source: Boston Business School

With a qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty committed to your success, this school aims to be a leader in post-secondary education, producing a globally-competitive and highly-skilled workforce. Boston is EduTrust certified, demonstrating the high standard of its adult and postsecondary programmes.

Partnered by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) and Pearson Qualifications International (PQI) in the UK, the school also offers internationally recognised diploma and advanced diploma programmes designed to be challenging and innovative, meeting high academic and industry standards.

The brand-new Principles of Wealth Accumulation programme was created in collaboration with Trendlab Finance Academy, and aims to help enterprising people make key decisions about the best ways to maximise their capital risk-free through practical learning.

On this course you will make financial decisions, see a simulated version of the outcome and learn from your mistakes, allowing you to maximise your capital through a well-planned strategy when you implement it in real life.

Source: Boston Business School

Trendlab Finance Academy are the first investment firm to have created brand-new simulator software that allows users to practice making the financial decisions each of us must make in our lifetimes, without making any real investments (Trendlab SIMULATOR).

“Trendlab brings decades of professional experience form the world of institutional and corporate finance to help non-finance professionals apply this know-how to their lives,” says Vetriselvan Prasath, Manager, Capital College of Management and Technology.

Course modules include Understanding our Economy; Template for Analysis and Decision Making; Introduction to the Investment Simulator; Risk Analysis of Shares and Bonds (Simulator’s Risk Module); Personal Portfolio Structure (Simulator’s Planning Module); and Asset Allocation Strategy (Simulator’s Portfolios Module).

You will be testing your own strategy using a simulator which takes into account more than 100 years of market data. You will be able to validate its performance across different market conditions.

Source: Boston Business School

This is a fast, fun and easy way to learn how to maximise your capital and build your confidence, with no financial risk. You’ll be able to create a better retirement plan through the software-based planning module.

The course allows you to acquire the analytical mindset of a finance professional and discover which investments are right for you, giving you skills and knowledge on how to plan and execute your wealth accumulation strategy.

You will walk away with a step-by-step template to help you make profitable investment decisions in real life and ultimately grow your wealth.

Learning to manage and maximise your personal finances couldn’t be easier, and you can take this one-month course either on weekdays or at the weekend, working around your full-time job. If you enjoy it, you can even progress onto Module 2: Investment Strategies.

Find out more on the programme page and maximise your wealth now!

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