learn English for free
TikTok is slowly becoming the most popular social media platform in the world. Source: Mario Tama / AFP

We laugh, learn dance moves and figure out how to do something (including how to ask for letters of recommendation) on TikTok — so why not learn English for free here?

Many young people are turning to the global hit app for answers and answers, they are finding.

While we’re often there scrolling aimlessly for nothing else but fun, we often forget that it’s now the third-largest app in the world today. It has over 750 million active monthly users and one billion TikTok accounts.

What this means is that among all the viral dance videos and pop music, there are billions of videos with lots of helpful content — filled with cute captions, music and subtitles.

What better way to learn English for free?

learn english for free

Learn English for free and before long, you can describe the English weather in all ways. Source: Daniel Leal/AFP

Tricky and confusing, English is a language that’s even hard for those born speaking it.

And learning English through books and traditional lessons isn’t as fun — and as such, as effective — as learning English for free on TikTok. We’re already spending hours on it anyway, why not use it for good instead?

These quick videos give us clear and quick ways to learn English for free — and soon, the confidence to use it at school, at uni and more.

From words that sound the same to common sayings in particular dialects, there are TikTok accounts that cover it all. 

So why not follow these TikTok accounts and learn some new vocabulary as you scroll through your lip-syncing and funny cat videos. 

Here are five TikTok accounts to help you learn English for free:

@english.with.lucy Can you fill in the gaps? 🥰❤️ (psssst thank you to @instantenglish ♬ original sound – English with Lucy

English with Lucy

First on the list is @english.with.lucy, who currently has 1.3 million followers. Lucy is from the UK and grew up in a tiny village in the countryside.

She’s different from other teachers as she uses British English — ideal for anyone studying or planning to study in the UK.

Her videos show us how words like “rock” sound different spoken by an American versus a Brit, how to name English weather types (sunny, overcast, drizzling and sh*tt*ng it down), and many more.

@englishteacherjason Stop saying Beautiful! Its so boring 🥱 Try these instead #english #learnenglish #englishteacher #englishlesson #englishclass #stopsaying #englishteacherjason ♬ Trip-Axero – 看见音乐

English Teacher Jason

How many times have we said things like “beautiful,” “I’m tired” and “I’m sorry” and still not gotten our message across?

Jason is over these boring phrases. His TikToks get us to try other ways and in turn, we get to see how words like “gorgeous,” “stunning,” and “fine” all refer to “beautiful” but in different shades.


@antonioparlati Silent P 🔇 #english #learnenglish #pronunciation ♬ original sound – Antonio Parlati

Antonio Parlati 

With 5.8 million followers, Antonio Parlati — or as many would know him by his username @antonioparlati — is sure a popular English teacher.

The language enthusiast and polyglot started his TikTok to help people struggling with English. Parlati’s TikToks explain the common mistakes we make with English, different ways to say “toilet,” how “few” and “little” are not the same, Christmas words, and many more.

@speakenglishwithzach What do you call this in English? #vocabulary #christmasvocabulary #learnenglish #ingles #inglesfacil ♬ original sound – speakenglishwithzach


Speak English with Zach, also known as @speakenglishwithzach, is one of the more popular video creators for us to learn English for free from.

Short and clear, his videos are hits that have gained him five million followers.

Zach’s videos teach us how to speak English in our daily activities, focusing on how to say words correctly and name things correctly.

@englishunderstood #commonenglishmistakes #englishgrammarmistakes #learnenglishonline #englishlessons #speakenglishfluently #studyenglish #speakfluentenglish #vocabulary ♬ original sound – English Understood

English Understood

English Understood, known by its username @englishunderstood, is another great place to learn English from free.

Similar to Lucy, the teacher is a British person that teaches us things like different phrases for saying the same thing. These include phrases for being sick, saying sorry and for showing you like something.

He also points out how British English and American English are alike and worlds apart at the same time.