Top study hacks on TikTok for law students

study law with the help of Tiktok influencers
Can you really study law with the help of TikTok? Here are some tips from law students themselves. Source: Evelyn Hockstein/AFP

Are you a law student who aspires to lead a courtroom, making difficult but expeditious decisions on civil cases? As Judge Judy would say to her litigators: “This is my playpen”.

Getting there won’t be an easy feat — but it doesn’t have to be a tedious affair either. Do you know that you can learn how to study law with the help of TikTok? That’s right.

Browsing through hundreds of pages of law textbooks and study materials containing case studies and concepts can be monotonous, but with some guidance and motivation from TikTok influencers — they could help make your law study sessions far more productive.

With that being said, here are four of the best tips on how you can study law, as shared by influencers on TikTok.

How to study law with the help of TikTok

A table of statutes

TikTok user uniwithgrace shared some helpful tips for you to break down information into a simpler and more organised form, particularly when it comes to statutes.

Law students need to read statutes and put them into context.

Grace recommends that you create a list of statutes in three-column table form on a word document. Include the name and the year of the statute, the purpose the statute was enacted as well as whether it was successful or if there were laws that replaced it.

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Using the active study method

While many law students feel comfortable using the passive study method, which is to re-read study notes — this method doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

User @averiebishop recommends using the active study method, which includes writing down your notes as questions — then, write the answer to that question.

As you recap or prepare for your final exams, ask yourself the question again and try to actively recall the information that you wrote down as your answers.

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Highlight keywords and create visual layouts

It’s hard to retain information if you’re reading chapter after chapter of your textbook.

Instead, TikTok user @bikiniisandbelliniis recommends students skim through texts and identify important points. Next, highlight keywords and rules of law.

You can also consider using flashcards, diagrams, flow charts and mind maps to help you study. This is especially useful if you’re a visual learner and want to break down complex topics.

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Use the Pomodoro technique

TikTok user @studywithstef encourages you to use to Pomodoro technique to help you study law.

The Pomodoro Technique creates a sense of urgency for us to complete critical tasks as much as we can in short bursts of time, interlaced with breaks in between.

@studywithstef notes that you can set your phone on a time-lapse and put it somewhere you can’t reach. Next, study for 50 minutes, followed by a 10-minute break. Rinse and repeat for several cycles.

If that sounds too intense for you, feel free to adjust how much time to study before giving yourself a break.

You could, alternatively, study for 25 minutes, break for five minutes, and continue this work-break cycle for three cycles before taking a longer break of 15 to 20 minutes.

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