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“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Cork hats, kangaroos, wallabies and thong shoes; there are many things we’ve come to know and love about the Land Down Under. Did you also know Australia is consistently ranked among the world’s top global study destinations? So if you’re considering the pursuit of an international learning venture, Australia remains an ace choice. But with so many world-class education providers and so many programmes to choose from, how can you be sure you’re selecting the ideal Aussie university for you?

While there are heaps of these well-known institutions scattered across the continent, there are also a vast array of private education providers offering a wealth of degrees, diplomas, vocational and professional training options to students of all levels.

These institutes are generally far smaller and more intimate than their large university counterparts, often specialising and excelling in one academic field. This tight-knit community of ambitious young learners will give you the chance to mingle with like-minded peers, helping you forge long-lasting friendships with people who genuinely care about the very same things as you. Above all else, this means you’ll receive a 360° education, affirming your understanding as you live, learn and laugh among fellow change-makers and pioneers.

“For many students, selective, private colleges offer the greatest value: higher graduation rates, more financial aid and less debt upon graduation, broader career opportunities after college and, finally, higher lifetime salary potential,” Demisha Lee of I’m First explains.

“First generation students in particular often benefit from features like small class sizes, more opportunities for one-to-one interaction with professors and staff members, on-campus residential communities and a wide variety of clubs and organizations,” adds Lee.

And while many knock the private provider’s reputation for being a far more expensive route into higher learning, the truth is that they couldn’t be more wrong. Every year, privately-funded institutions dish out a small fortune in financial aid, backed by hefty endowments from various funds and investments.

When you consider that at least 60 percent of the private school student body receives financial aid – with some even snagging a loan-free package that clears them of a single dollar’s debt – the private education’s return on investment undoubtedly proves its worth.

So, if you’re keen to study with sand, sea and surf, a privately-run college in the heart of Australia is your best bid for success.

Here are four private Business Colleges where aspiration meets action…


This tertiary-level, business-focused institution truly epitomises Sydney’s vibrant city buzz. Drawing its name from a prominent British Army regiment, King’s Own Institute (KOI) cultivates a unique learning culture that has since become synonymous with strong leadership and long-lasting business success.

Offering Diploma, Bachelor, Master, Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma level programs, KOI offers a globally-relevant higher education experience for truly unbeatable value.  A heritage of quality, excellence and real-world opportunity means KOI’s graduate outcomes compare favourably with those of the best universities. KOI’s academic staff from those same universities encourage students to enhance their knowledge for immediate applied business learning in jobs and careers.

Round-the-clock access to elite and experienced teachers empowers students fwith relevant industry perspective, while state-of-the-art campus facilities facilitate the ultimate preparation for the business technologies used throughout working life. This, plus the free English language tuition support and internship placements open to those with a drive to succeed, makes the KOI learning experience a rewarding foundation for a global business career.

“King’s Own Institute offers many advantages: personal, professional and commercial, and is quickly establishing a reputation for superior education,” concludes Dr Doug Hinchliffe, CEO and Dean. King’s Own Institute has assembled key people to assist in your academic journey. We confidently assure you of a sound, professional education and a special, enjoyable learning experience.


The Australian Institute of Business boasts 30-years of history in the Business education field, providing an experience specifically-tailored to the professional adult. The AIB is internationally-recognised for its high-quality provisions, driven by a campus-wide commitment to continuous progression and development.

Upon completion of the relevant and respected AIB degree, you’ll join a fast-growing network of more than 16,000 students, alumni, experts and key industry players, drawing an invaluable connection to more than 90 countries worldwide.

AIB’s Agile MBA stands as the nation’s most expansive Master of Business programme, promising a price tag that doesn’t break the bank while making use of a digital delivery that’s both flexible and industry-led. And with 77 percent of the school’s Agile MBA participants receiving financial help, the AIB embodies an elite, yet affordable, business-focused education.

“AIB is also a registered training organisation to deliver a vocational education and training course which is regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA),” the faculty website states.

“Furthermore we are recognised by a number of international government departments, agencies and registries,” it adds. “So when you are going for that next job or business deal, planning to move overseas, or looking to enrol in your next qualification – you can be ensured that our degrees are fully accredited and internationally recognised.”


Powered by a mission to provide exceptional graduate prospects for all who commit to its education journey, the ANIBT presents leading-edge practical training to aspiring professionals from all four corners of the globe. The institute has seen exponential growth since the days of its humble beginnings, securing its position as a known market leader in the deliverance of practical and high-quality academic programmes.

A brand-new feature of the ANIBT education is the innovative Career Development track. Here, experienced Career Development Practitioners support you in the expansion and enhancement of your practical expertise, knowledge, resources tools and networks within your current or planned workplace setting.

In addition to this, graduates of the School’s Certificate in Career Development Practice will also be considered accredited career practitioners for professional membership of the CDAA and ACPI.

“Overseas students are permitted to work 20 hours per week while studying and full time during vacations,” the institution notes.

“Students may apply for a work permit for a fee of AUD$55.00 at the beginning of their course. There are many positions available in Hospitality and Tourism,” it adds.

“Our Career Advice Centre is here to give you support with your resume; getting a job in Australia, interview skills; and [understanding] your future job.”

 *Some of the institutions featured in this article are commercial partners of Study International

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