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“AUT helped me jump several levels of goals in one step. I always planned to start a business after my studies but I did not know what it would be exactly or where to start. I would not have had this opportunity without the MBA.” – Mike Ward, Area Sales Manager – Australasia, Guardian Industries, AUT MBA graduate

Last year, the New Zealand Herald reported that Auckland’s economic growth continued to surpass the profit coming out of the rest of the region, largely driven by the most powerful retail surge the city has seen in a decade.

And the trend has continued into 2017, with the latest data from economic development agency Infometrics showing the city’s GDP growing at an impressive 4.0 percent for the year to March 2017, a rate markedly higher than New Zealand’s 2.9 percent. The growth, which Auckland’s chief economist David Norman describes as “spectacular”, is also thanks to a boom in the city’s tourism and construction sectors, which he notes have created a surge in job opportunities.

These statistics, along with a whole scope of other positive economic factors, reflects the city’s position in the midst of an economic boom, highlighting Auckland as a beacon of business opportunity and a gateway to success for forward-thinking graduates.

“Aucklanders have more job options,” the New Zealand Herald writes, “retail spending habits have risen sharply as they become increasingly confident, more housing is being built, more new migrants stay and settle in Auckland rather than elsewhere in New Zealand and more tourists are spending time in the city.”

Translation: There’s never been a better time to study business in Auckland.

And with research increasingly showing that employers round the world are relishing the value of specialised postgraduate (PG) studies – plus a wealth of evidence that shows master’s degrees to considerably boost rates of employability and graduate earnings – there’s no better route to entrepreneurial triumph in Auckland than through the leading postgraduate programmes delivered by the AUT School of Business.

Known in New Zealand and worldwide for its high-calibre graduates and impactful research, AUT provides a relevant, rigorous and engaged business education for students from all over the globe. Offering a specialised and research-intensive management portfolio, AUT Business postgraduate studies will help you revolutionise your chosen business discipline, moulding you into a qualified, experienced business brain and an employable corporate asset.

“We work hard to make sure that what we teach is relevant to the needs of the business world,” the business faculty notes. “We’re proud of our strong partnerships with businesses and the wider community, and often collaborate with industry organisations on research and other projects. We partner with many of the country’s top business leaders who advise us on the curriculum,” adds the faculty, “so you can be confident you’re developing the skills employers need.”

Your postgraduate study options for business at AUT…

  • Master of Applied Finance

AUT Business School is part of the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program, and this programme will prepare you for success and recognition in the professional financial services sector. Here, you’ll gain the knowledge, confidence and financial prowess that will form the foundation of a flourishing career. On top of honing expertise that could take you anywhere in the world, you will apply learned theories and financial modelling skills to conduct financial analysis in real-world professional practice.

  • Master of Global Business

This 12-month conversion master’s degree is designed for those who aren’t already in possession of a tertiary business qualification. Upon completion of this course, you will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to dominate your professional business role.

  • Master of Marketing

AUT’s Master of Marketing is aimed at those who have already earned an undergraduate (UG) degree in any field of study. With marketing forming an integral part of the decision-making process in business, this course will grant you the understanding needed to own those critical corporate decisions.

  • Master of Professional Accounting

Here, you’ll gain the intricate understanding of accounting principles and practice within business, and of course, within wider economics. Offering exclusive membership with some of the most influential accounting bodies for those looking to become registered chartered accountants, this innovative course also rewards you with the option of changing your career path if your background doesn’t lie in accounting.

  • Master of Business

A Master of Business is recognised as a wise investment for a senior career, and is also likely to boost earning potential. A master’s degree by research is also essential for those considering a possible academic career route, as you can choose from a wide list of majors/specialisations. The AUT Master of Business represents a research-based master’s honours degree that can be completed in 18-months.

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

This programme specifically targets those aspiring to reach senior management level, but is also beneficial to those already in senior management who are keen to unleash their full business potential, or otherwise those who are self-employed looking to gain the tools needed to thrive on their own.

Refine your career with business at AUT…

“At AUT Business School we understand the importance of operating in a complex, global environment. So do our graduates,” the faculty explains.

“We’re internationally-recognised among an elite group of just 5% of business schools worldwide, accredited by AACSB International…We have one of the highest graduate employment rates in the country,” it concludes, “with AUT business graduates employed both in New Zealand and overseas.”

Think you’ve got what it takes?

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