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Lawrence University: Where graduates are prepped for great careers

A community of changemakers. A safe space to ask questions. Solution seekers. A chance for bright minds to thrive.

These are what Lawrence University offers to those who walk through its doors. It is a top liberal arts college in Appleton, Wisconsin and one of the best in the nation according to US  News & World Report’s annual Best Colleges rankings and The Princeton Review. That is not all; the university was included in many separate lists within the esteemed ranking as well — Best Value Colleges, Best Green Colleges, and Best Midwestern Colleges.

The Princeton Review report, based on survey results from over 160,000 students across the country, lauded Lawrence for its “stunning 8-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio, which means students have access to their professors at all times.” It also praised its robust international student population, its impressive First-Year Studies programme, and its “holistic approach to the admissions game.”

Lawrence University

Students learn in an innovative and conducive environment. Source: Lawrence University

Perhaps more profound is Lawrence University’s impact on students. It has been around for 170 years and has unleashed countless opportunities for students to pursue passions, spark change, and shine in the real world.

Doan Thu Thuy Nguyen will attest to this. She rekindled her passion for the environment and economics in an environmental economics class. This led her to spend two summers working on research — one summer focusing on the cost of decarbonising Vietnam and the other on the air quality and public health in Vietnam.

Her professor, David Gerard, the John R. Kimberly Distinguished Professor in the American Economic System, supported her every step of the way. “This is just one example of how professors at Lawrence go above and beyond for their students,” Nguyen says. “My professors really didn’t have to do any of those things, but they did because they care.”

Reflecting on her time at Lawrence, Nguyen says she could not have had a more positive or fruitful impact on her academics thanks to Gerard and other economics faculty members — all of whom were key to her getting into the Carnegie Mellon research programme.

Lawrence University

At Lawrence University, students will find their academic paths are flexible. Source: Lawrence University

Stories like Nguyen’s are typical of students here. The university uniquely provides value to every individual, whether they’re locals or among the 17% of students who are international students hailing from over 30 countries. From research projects in the laboratory to one-on-one tutorials with a professor, everyone can expect a highly collaborative, highly impactful learning experience.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers four degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music Dual Degree, and Bachelor of Musical Arts. There are more common subjects like engineering, chemistry, history and more. Or you can dive deeper into specific interests like museum studies, religious studies, Russian, ethnic studies and more.

For those more musically inclined, the Lawrence Conservatory is a well-known school that integrates intellectual virtuosity with musical virtuosity in a supportive, creative community. Here, students can pick from various areas of conservatory study, including bass, cello, clarinet, dance, music performance, opera theatre, vocal arts and more. Classes across all programmes are kept intentionally small with an 8:1 teacher-to-student ratio, allowing students to receive personalised attention.


More recently, Lawrence University introduced a new business and entrepreneurship major to prepare future innovators looking to bring social, global and environmental context to business leadership. Students will take an interdisciplinary approach focusing on international entrepreneurship and the broader impact of business on communities.

“Students will have an opportunity to learn the foundational skills in accounting, marketing, financial management, and entrepreneurship, and connect these to the broader roles of business in society,” says Adam Galambos, associate professor of economics.

Senior Year students have further opportunities to excel, more fondly known as Chandler Senior Experience. They can take on a research project, creative work, or performances as they work independently or under the guidance of faculty.

International students can opt for Optional Practical Training (OTP) upon graduation. This allows those on an F-1 visa to work in the US for 12 months. Students graduating with a qualifying STEM major may be eligible for a 24-month OPT STEM extension.

During this transition from study to work, the Career Centre often steps in at this point to support international students. But their guidance starts from as early as the first year, where students are given access to advice, programmes, resources and a robust network of mentors and employers to help them navigate their full journey to graduation here. They can join a career community, meet with advisers or build your alumni network from the start.

With such features, graduates are well-equipped and ready to face future challenges – Life After Lawrence exemplifies this. The university boasts of alumni who have gone on to greater heights and become Hall of Famers, Nobel Prize winners, Fulbright scholars, Rhodes scholars, and Goldwater scholars.

Graduates go on to work at top-notch companies like Ernst & Young Global Limited, Facebook, US Open, Kimberly-Clark and many more. Many further their studies and create waves in excellent institutions like Johns Hopkins’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, Yale University, University of Oxford, Stanford University, and many more.

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