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Launch your law, economics, or finance career in Europe at the University of Luxembourg

To become a future leader and decision-maker in a very different post-COVID 19 world, begin your journey at the University of Luxembourg.

If you are a European student looking for your next move, a state-of-the-art programme at this solid EU academic institution could be the key to unlocking a fulfilling and inspiring career. Luxembourg, a safe and peaceful country with dynamic economic and employment opportunities, should be at the top of your list.

This September, the University will adapt a hybrid teaching model for the winter semester; the aim is to put student health and safety first and foremost with no compromise on academic progress. This means students will learn through live-streamed and recorded lectures and events. For laboratory and practical work, small groups will be allowed to return to campus.

A digital campus enables the University of Luxembourg to extend such flexibility to students during a difficult time. Students can progress with their education thanks to continued access to university resources and opportunities.

Building a new generation of national experts

As a leading global financial hub, Luxembourg is well-poised to contribute to building the Europe of tomorrow. One of the ways it will do this is by preparing the next generation of change-makers in law, economics, and finance to face emerging challenges and find new and innovative solutions.

University of Luxembourg

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You will find the resources and expertise for these at the University of Luxembourg’s Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF). Each of the bachelor’s and master’s programmes provide the knowledge and capabilities required to break into job markets globally.

At the Department of Law, you’ll find a robust research team of over 80 experts covering the full spectrum of the legal field. Students can start with the bachelor’s course, then move on to one of the six master’s programmes — five of which specialise in European law.

Future accountants, auditors, bankers, economists, entrepreneurs and other like-minded students will find the education they seek at the Department of Economics and Management, which offers two bachelor’s programmes and five master’s programmes.

With a balanced mix of theory and practice, you’ll be taught by both academic professors and industry practitioners. Through projects and internship opportunities, you will become a part of Luxembourg’s international business community.

This department is also home to the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management, part of the MIT Global SCALE Network, which offers programmes and activities supporting Luxembourg’s mission of becoming a European logistics hub.

Next up is the Department of Finance. Through the Master in Wealth Management and the Master in Finance and Economics with specialisations in Banking, Investment Management, Risk Management, Sustainable Finance and Financial Economics, students will gain valuable insight into the three research cluster areas: asset management, institutions, and financial innovation.

Sustainable finance is the latest track in the Master in Finance and Economics. It prepares professionals for the diverse world of risk and opportunity in sustainable finance. You will learn to manage and model sustainability risks, perform due diligence of investments and develop strategies for financial institutions.

Graduates will not only contribute to economic development in Luxembourg but other EU and neighbouring countries too. Here’s where you will sharpen your skills and expand the frontiers of financial knowledge to become a responsible manager and leader.

Tap into your strengths at the University of Luxembourg

At the University of Luxembourg, learning is focused on developing interests and strengths. This is made possible in small classes, which also encourage close peer connection and support.

Students are guided by excellent, experienced teachers from 18 countries, driven by research relevant to current events in global and domestic landscapes.

University of Luxembourg

Source: University of Luxembourg

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance currently has 2,300 students enrolled in three bachelor’s, 12 master’s and three professional programmes, as well as two doctoral schools.

They are supported by the University of Luxembourg’s strong connection to domestic and regional job markets, which exposes students to various opportunities within their industry.

Internships are mandatory for most programmes. On top of that, the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance has the advantage of numerous collaborations with banks, governments, research bodies and professional organisations.

The Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is the result of a partnership between the University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in 2007. In 2014, they furthered this collaboration to develop business education at the University of Luxembourg via research and development, educational programmes, knowledge transfer and exchange.

Then in 2016, the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance became part of the Robert Schuman Initiative for European Affairs. This has cemented the University of Luxembourg’s position as a recognised leader in the interdisciplinary study of European affairs and the EU.

These partnerships showcase how the University of Luxembourg consistently tunes into the demands of essential and booming industries alike.

With one finger on the pulse and a hand in the nation’s development, the University of Luxembourg has proven itself an effective incubator for the movers and shakers of tomorrow.

Whether your passion lies in law, economics, or finance, your journey towards an impactful career can begin right here in Europe.

Visit the official website for more information on the flexible September intake.

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