Lander University: Making the college experience extraordinary

“University will be the best years of your life.” – You’ve no doubt heard this countless times, largely from older family members as they reminisce about the good old days they spent tearing it up back in their college days…

The college experience has become somewhat legendary and is a huge milestone in any young person’s life. Embracing university and making the most of everything on offer is essential to squeezing every last opportunity out of this exciting life journey. While the student venture is, of course, largely about the academics, it’s also about the experience.

Lander University understands this and sees the intrinsic value to be gained from getting out there and seizing the enjoyment of campus life. While the grades are of course important, the advantages gained from bonding with fellow students, trying out new activities, and rising in the face of change is priceless for your long-term personal development.

The University offers an outstanding selection of academic courses within the traditional liberal arts and science framework, on top of a range of professional programs in business, education and nursing. But while the standard of education is exceptionally high, the Lander learning experience goes well beyond the classroom.

“Lander offers so many opportunities outside of the classroom for students,” says Mass Communication student, Santos Pagan. “Being able to interact with classmates, faculty and staff outside of the classroom enriches the academic experience at Lander.”

Great measures are taken to ensure each student has their extra-curricular interests indulged while also exposing you to new and exciting activities you may never have considered in the past.

University is all about new experiences and lifetime firsts, so Lander makes sure you’re never short of choice for your next adventure.

Encouraging a tight-knit student community, there are plenty of opportunities to bond with your peers, build lifelong friendships and discover new passions.

The Office of Student Activities is dedicated to making sure your social calendar is packed full of activities. You simply can’t get bored with the myriad of novel entertainment options open to you, including talent contests, concerts, movie nights, soapbox derby, cook-outs and pool parties. And no student is pushed to the side as Lander students party together, and campus fun is centered around the support of an inclusive atmosphere.

Campus recreation also takes the fun to the sports field. There’s no better way to make new friends and build camaraderie than with a university sports team. At Lander, you’re spoiled for choice with everything from football to ultimate frisbee, rugby to bass fishing (yep, you read that right – bass fishing), horse riding to golf. There’s pretty much a sport for all tastes, but should you have more obscure tastes, the University encourages you start up your own sport club – with this freedom you’re bound to find like-minded people to share your passions with.

Venturing off-campus, the Lander Outdoor Adventures program gives you the chance to get your adrenaline rush while exploring the great outdoors. Several trips each semester will see you hurtling down white-water rapids, hiking through the majestic South Carolina wilderness or throwing yourself down the slopes on a Colorado ski trip – certainly going well beyond any adventure you could get at home, that’s for sure.

Another opportunity to expand your social sphere well beyond the classroom are the clubs and organizations open to all students. Covering both academic and non-academic subject matter, the wide variety of fields and interests gives you the chance to network and learn from your peers, as Santos found out during his time at Lander.

“Being involved with campus recreation activities and on-campus clubs has enabled me the opportunity to meet new people and network with those I do not see in the classroom,” he says.

As well as academic interests, the organizations also encompass political, religious, sports, charity and special interest groups, including film club, Visions of Women, Political Science Association, and Cheer and Dance Teams.

To spread the positive Lander ethos to those less fortunate, the University also runs a number of community outreach programs, urging students to enrich their own college experience while being a force for change within the local community.

In partnership with a number of nearby and international aid organisations, the University works across a range of social issues. Habitat for Humanity, The Humane Society, United Way, and Connie Maxwell Children’s Home all stand with students to create a better society for needy families and animals.

With so much on offer, the student experience at Lander is difficult to beat. The opportunities to explore interests and connect with new friends is unrivalled at most universities. The soft skills and understanding of the world that you pick up from this wealth of experience will stand you in good stead long after you’ve left the college halls behind, not to mention all the fun you will have had.

At Lander, staff go out of their way to make sure your university career embodies some of the most fun years of your life, so one day, you too can bore the younger generation with tales of lifelong friendships and exhilarating campus life.

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