Lander University: Become part of a strong liberal arts community

Lander University: Become part of a strong liberal arts community

With onsite accommodation and engaging extra-curricular activities, Lander University offers much more than just a prestigious education.

Lander University, originally established as a college for women, offers a diverse and engaging learning environment. Now a co-educational higher education provider, students benefit from a progressive campus culture that promotes equal opportunities.

The university prides itself for harboring an integrated community, but also for providing a rich liberal arts education that prepares students to enter the graduate world. Studying at Lander allows you to gain a world-class education in a liberal arts framework that values individual growth and academic achievement.

Students are encouraged to embrace their talents and find new passions through the eclectic extra-curricular programs offered on campus. While taking a break from your studies, you can get involved in team and recreational sports or escape university life with Lander’s Outdoor Adventure program.

If you’re more of a creative type, you’re bound to find your new muse through one of 60 student-run clubs and organizations. Whether you want to try your hand at a new musical instrument or join the award-winning student-led radio station, there are plenty of opportunities to discover your forte.

The dynamic Greek Life culture and spread of campus accommodation creates a close-knit community that seems more like an academic village for self-exploration than simply a university.

Fraternity and sororities create a home away from home for many students, as brotherhoods and sisterhoods quickly become as close as family. Greek Life is an integral part of US college culture, bringing that sought-after experience many international students crave.

Even if Greek Life isn’t for you, there are plenty of other accommodation options that allow you to be part of a community at Lander. Freshmen and upperclassmen housing are separated so you can live with friends who are at the same level of study as you, and thanks to the wide variety of accommodation types, you’re bound to find something that perfectly suits your needs.

Lander University offers over 60 areas of study, granting you the ultimate flexibility in choosing your major and minor combinations. Over your four-year study period, you will have the freedom to gain a truly interdisciplinary education, propelling ahead of your peers when it comes to graduation.

The university is particularly renowned for its Fine Arts degrees, developed in conjunction with the prestigious National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

As well as teaching contemporary and classic Fine Art techniques, the department also educates students on art’s role in preserving cultural tradition, guiding social change, and expressing relationships and values.

Students of the Bachelor of Fine Art degree can specialize in either 2D or 3D art forms alongside their academic passion. This means that aspiring artists can specialize in painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, or 3D creative practices such as sculptures and ceramics.

“The Lander Art Department is comprised of a proud group of caring, passionate and nationally recognized artists, academicians and professional businessmen and women. Above all, passion drives each faculty member, which in turn results in students who have the same fervent attitude to their artistic endeavors,” said James D. Slagle, the Chair of the Lander Art Department.

On top of learning from inspiring tutors, studying Fine Arts at Lander University opens doors of opportunity that complement your program.

The department encourages students to spend a semester studying abroad at University College London, Northampton or the University of Winchester, as well as visiting important art sites around the world and completing work experience in art galleries, museums or businesses relating to fine art.

This real-world experience proves invaluable next to conceptual and technical fine art studies, grounding talent and preparing students to enter a 21st century art environment that values global collaboration and audience interaction.

“With such supportive teachers, I have been able to push my art to new levels and achieve goals that I never considered attempting. With their support I have been…involved in three juried student shows and had work in the Lander Review twice, even serving as the editor of the magazine last year,” says Amanda, current Lander art student.

“Also, traveling with the Art department to Holland was one of the best experiences I have ever had,” she adds.

The Department of Art offers a range of art minors for students who want to gain knowledge of the arts as part of their studies. The creatively minded can choose from the Art History Minor, Electronic Art Minor or the Visual Art Minor to enhance their major.

Whether you want to become a professional artist or develop creativity as part as your wider liberal arts education, Lander University offers the academic and social experience that every student needs.

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