KIS International School: A welcoming global community

KIS International School, with its core values of Knowledge, Inspiration and Spirit, was founded in 1998, and has strived to inspire students from all over the world ever since. Situated on a seven-acre campus near central Bangkok, with 69 international teachers, 14 Thai teachers and 10 academic assistants from 10 global nations, the school is well-equipped with playgrounds, sports areas, an arts centre and more, supporting a community of students that represent 49 countries.

So what are the best things about KIS, and how does it endeavour to welcome its fresh-faced student applicants?

High Academic Standards

KIS International School has high academic standards, evident in its fully-authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) programme and represented both in its students and teachers. All instructors are fully-qualified in their field, are trained IB teachers, and most also hold a postgraduate degree.

A great faculty to student ratio of 1:7 also means students get a very good level of individual support. As a result, students score higher than world averages on the IB Diploma, and KIS graduates are offered places at top universities around the world.

On-campus facilities – including the swimming pool, libraries, media centres, science, design and IT labs, dance studio and gym – offer students an action-packed and well-rounded education.


The atmosphere at KIS is positive one, with every activity pursued by students or faculty being shaped by the schools key vision, mission and core values:

  • The school aims to inspire students and the wider community to challenge themselves to become better people and develop into inspirational individuals who can nurture positive change.
  • Their mission is to create an innovative and caring community, providing students with the knowledge, inspiration and spirit that encourages them to be proud of themselves and their place in the world.
  • Knowledge: Students are presented with a rigorous and dynamic curriculum to develop knowledge, skills and characteristics that will help them reach their goals.
  • Inspiration: KIS offers a safe and supportive environment where students are encouraged to be creative and passionate about learning.
  • Spirit: The KIS spirit spreads wider than just the School, becoming visible in the services the School and its pupils provide to the local community and beyond.

The KIS IB Programme

At KIS, all students learn through the International Baccalaureate, or IB curriculum. The programme is well-known and respected worldwide for its ability to help children and young adults become versatile and responsible global citizens.

The KIS IB programme is based on three IB curriculum frameworks known for having the best continuum of instruction from Early Years through to Grade 12. All three programmes are learner-centred and inquiry-based, and by using students’ natural curiosity and creative flair, the IB emphasises dynamic content and allows students to think independently and critically in order to become active and passionate lifelong learners.

What sets KIS’s IB programme apart is that the curriculum is broad and balanced, specifically-designed to maximise the best, most transferable learning and expertise that students can take back to their homes or on to any other location. Students learn how to keep up with changes in the world, and are primed to understand the challenges of today as they prepare for the future.

Community Feel

One of the key attractions of KIS lies in its strong community feel. With around 650 students, the School is a great size and students, staff and parents are all well connected in KIS’s close-knit environment. So what makes the community at KIS so great?

  • Lots of participation in community events.
  • Security guards know students by name.
  • A 1:7 faculty to student ratio means teachers can give students the individual attention and care that they need.
  • The School is large enough to offer great facilities.
  • But KIS is also small enough to feel cosy and personal, with each student being respected as an individual.
  • It’s easy to get to know people, so new students and families soon feel a sense of belonging.

Parents see KIS as the best place for their children…

Both children and parents have been won over by the KIS curriculum, community and atmosphere. Here’s what Yartika, a parent of KIS, has to say about the School:

“We were very excited when we found out that we were moving to Bangkok. We started browsing for schools in Bangkok. KIS caught our attention when our daughter (then in grade three) said “Mummy I want to go to this school”, without having been to the school – just by looking at [its] website.

We were so pleased with how [KIS] handled our enquiries, they were very attentive and accommodating, as of the moment we walked into the school, they made us feel as if we were part of the KIS family.

Our children settled in immediately on their first day of school, and they came home very happy. Now in our fourth year at KIS we are proud to see how they are becoming better people……what else can we ask for?”

Parents, students and teachers agree that KIS is more than just a school; it’s a place which welcomes, nurtures and supports all students, and the community as a whole, encouraging everyone to raise their aspirations and become an inspiration to others.

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