King’s Own Institute: the best in facilities, resources and people in higher education

King’s Own Institute: the best in facilities, resources and people in higher education

“…I have not only put in place all the knowledge I got from my lecturers, classes and friends at KOI but I also had the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures.” Catalina Santa, King’s Own Institute graduate

Set in Sydney, New South Wales – a city ranked  10th in the world for its enviable quality of life – King’s Own Institute (KOI) is a pioneer of business education in Australia.

This tertiary-level, industry-based institution echoes Sydney’s upbeat and engaged ethos. With a name derived from a distinguished and respected British Army regiment, KOI nurtures an unparalleled learning environment that develops highly desired professional expertise in virtually every global industry.

Offering Diploma, Bachelor, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master-level programs, the KOI student experience is truly world-class, centred on providing value and the best higher education available. Powered by a passion for innovation, excellence and hands-on, transformative experience, KOI’s graduate outcomes mirror those of the world’s top universities. Supported by dynamic staff from those very same institutions, KOI business students are encouraged to refine their knowledge for immediate applied business learning in long-term jobs and careers.

“King’s Own Institute blends the traditions of higher education with today’s modern practical and commercial global village,” Professor Doug Hinchliffe, CEO and Dean of KOI, explains.

“King’s Own Institute offers many advantages: personal, professional and commercial, and is quickly establishing a reputation for superior education.”

Small class sizes and regular access to elite, experienced and award-winning teachers mean students get to develop a valuable industry perspective in their learning journey. Cutting-edge campus spaces and amenities, meanwhile, allow students to forge a firm foundation in business technologies used throughout working life.

These, plus the free English language tuition, outstanding library and research facilities and services and sponsored internship placements open to those who display dedication and determination, ensure that the KOI business journey is the ultimate foundation for a thriving international career.

The AIPP’s Professional Internship program is one example of the practical learning experiences offered to select KOI students having completed a minimum of 50 percent of their designated modules with a GPA of 3.5 or above is eligible for the scheme where students gain invaluable real-world work experience long before they graduate, benefitting from a winning edge as they enter a competitive graduate market.

Before starting this lucrative program, students gain practical interview training in vital self-promotion – a rewarding life-long talent. Students also get scheduled one-on-one sessions and a resume polishing service, ensuring awareness of the best personal presentation. KOI seeks to match students with the perfect placement, monitoring and supporting participants for the duration of the course and with much success.

Post-internship placement components include LinkedIn training, a letter of recommendation, and inclusion in AIPP’s sought-after talent pool, all of which further cement KOI’s reputation for being jobs and career-start specialists.

“I am Nishant and I studied a Bachelor of Business in Accounting,” the graduate notes. “After graduating in June 2013, I went through an accounting internship. Two months later, I was employed as an Inventory Analyst at Aryzta Pty Limited. I was later promoted to second in charge to the Cost Accountant and Relief Assistant Accountant for Food Solutions.

“Currently I am working at an accounting firm in Bondi Junction after my tenure at Aryzta. My position involves business advisory, taxation and financial reporting for corporate clientele. I performed in forensic services and auditing as well. I am also an associate member with CPA,” Nishant explains, reflecting on how his KOI experience shaped him into an employable global graduate.

KOI’s state-of-the-art campus is centrally located and specifically-designed to satisfy the needs of the modern student. Spacious and comfortable, the classrooms and the campus at large provide effective study and highly-functional facilities for the busy business student.

In an age demanding invention and digital development, KOI graduates can immediately demonstrate competence and fluency with technology for early success.

KOI’s computer facilities offer the latest software and technologies and have sufficient terminals to serve every academic need. With WiFi throughout KOI, students can access the internet anywhere, 24/7. Every student gets a generous free data allowance for Internet usage each trimester.

“Just how famous King’s Own Institute will become and how quickly depends on our graduates,” Professor Dr Hinchliffe concludes. “We share your success. King’s Own Institute has assembled key people to assist your academic journey. They all have long and distinguished records of achievement in universities, the military, diplomatic service, business and industry. In world competition each trimester against over 10,000 students, KOI final trimester students in applied learning have consistently placed well and achieved best of all time against over 200,000 students from good universities around the world. You, too, can taste success.

The KOI team confidently assures you of a sound, professional education and a special, enjoyable learning experience.”

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