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Johns Hopkins University: Online graduate programmes for future AI professionals

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to prolong and enrich lives and further innovation — dramatic advances in the field stand to unlock even more possibilities.

Exciting times are ahead in the AI industry — and the time to enrol in one of the US’s first fully online AI master’s and graduate certificate programmes is now.

Offered by the Whiting School of Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and the Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence build on the university’s long-standing experience in delivering engineering education virtually.

Associate Dean for Graduate Programmes Daniel Horn said, “It is our hope that the new artificial intelligence graduate programme will encourage and enable people with a background in engineering, computer science, data, physics or applied math to enhance their marketability to become leaders in this emerging field.”

Drive the future of AI forward with Johns Hopkins University

There is an urgent need for AI experts today.

Tech giants are investing tens of billions of dollars on R&D and deployment and AI acquisitions, according to the McKinsey Group.

In Deloitte’s global study of “AI early adopters” — organisations or employers that use a technology or product before others— 68% of US AI early adopters perceive the talent gap as moderate-to-extreme.

With the Whiting School’s Master of Science or the Graduate Certificate, students stand to become highly competitive candidates in an industry struggling to fill this skills gap.

Students need to complete ten virtual courses for the master’s programme, four for the graduate certificate.

The master’s curriculum addresses the discipline and subdisciplines of AI, including natural language processing, robotics, neural networks, computer intelligence, and expert systems.

This programme also helps you to realise the importance of translating research and theory into applicable outcomes.

Therefore, you’ll be able to contribute to current and future research as well as the development of new AI concepts and methods. 

Learn alongside experienced scientists and tech engineers

These new programmes are run by Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals — one of the largest continuing education schools in engineering in the US — which has experience in providing accessible graduate education in over 20 disciplines.

All instructors are respected figures in the field — assembled from a pool of researchers, scientists and industry experts. Learning environments are collaborative and interactive.

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and Artificial Intelligence programme chair Dr. John Piorkowski said, “We know it is of utmost importance for Johns Hopkins to take the lead and use the expertise we have in education, science, and engineering to cultivate AI talent to meet the projected workforce demand.”

Enrol this summer to learn to design and create the essential AI-driven technology of the future.

Click here to find how you can advance your AI knowledge through the new online graduate programmes or register for an upcoming online information session.

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