Japan government offers scholarships to Filipino students

Japan government offers scholarships to Filipino students
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Filipino students can now apply for scholarships to study at its universities and training colleges via the 2019 Japanese Government (MEXT/Monbukagakusho) Scholarship Program.

Interested citizens who are interested can get more detailed information at the Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) of the Embassy of Japan or on the Embassy’s website.

Filipinos have been studying abroad in Japan for more than 54 years – an average number of 100 scholars from the Philippines are sent to Japan every year under six different scholarship programs: Teacher Training Scholarship, Japanese Studies Scholarship, Undergraduate Student Scholarship, Research Student Scholarship, Specialized Training Scholarship, College of Technology Scholarship.

These are the list of requirements for the scholarships offered:

Category Requirements Age
of study
Fields of study
College graduate,
with 16 years of formal

Clear and feasible
research proposal

Good academic

Under 35 2-5 Social sciences, Humanities, and
Natural sciences

Note: Applicants should apply for
the field of study they majored in
at university or its related field

Undergraduate High school graduate

Good academic

17-24 5 Social sciences, Humanities and
Natural Sciences
High school graduate

Good academic

17-24 3 Technology, Personal care and
nutrition, Education and welfare,
Business, Fashion and home
economics, Culture and
general education
College of
High school graduate

Good academic

17-24 4-4.5 Mechanical and engineering,
Electrical and electronic
engineering, Information
communication and network
engineering, Materials
engineering, Architecture and
civil engineering, Maritime

Applicants should submit the application form by May 18, 2018 which must be in hard copy, printed on A4-sized paper and mailed to the Embassy. Applications which are incomplete or does not follow the guidelines will not be accepted.

Qualified applicants will then go through a document screening, written exams and an interview. If you’re unsure, head on to the free scholarship consultations to be held at the JICC Library every Friday from 9-12.30 pm and 2-4.30 pm.

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